January 19, 2016

Collective Make-up Haul | Catrice & Essence

Hi everyone, I hope that the new year has been kind to you so far. I still have quite a lot of haul posts sitting on my laptop, so I plan to empty my "unwritten hauls" stash in January and February. Let's see what today's haul has to offer.

I purchased these items during last June and July, and they are the result of the Catrice and Essence clearance sale. I have bought many products for full price as well.

Even though many of these products were discontinued in Europe, most of them are still sold in other parts of the world, so that's why I'll still post these hauls. I know for a fact that in the US, you can still buy several Essence goodies that were discontinued 3 years ago in Europe, so here we go. Also, I wouldn't want to waste my photos.

Essence mono eyeshadows - 09 Raindrops on Roses; 02 Dance All Night
Essence 3D eyeshadows - 02 Irresistible Lavender Dream; 07 Irresistible Fullmoon Flash
Catrice Viennart lace-like baked eyeshadow - C03 Lovely Lace
Catrice Liquid Metal 3D eyeshadow - 110 Underworld Evobluetion (best name!)

I picked up a handful of mono eyeshadows and palettes. I adore the formula of the 6-pan Essence palettes, so I had to buy them for the unbeatable $1 clearance price. I was lucky to find all of them.

Essence All About eyeshadow palettes:
All About Chocolates
All About Deepsea
All About Romance

 Catrice Absolute Bright eyeshadow palette

I also picked up the Catrice Absolute Bright palette, even though I never really wanted to buy it because it looked washed out based on online photos. Turns out it swatches beautifully and even has duochrome shades in it, so I managed to buy the last one at the store. It still looks washed out on my photo, oh well.

Essence Effect lipgloss - 01 Frosty Flakes (yep, it's a flakey lipgloss, god bless)
Essence longlasting lipstick - 15 Oh so matt!; 04 It's Nude Time
Essence lipstick - 53 All About Cupcake (been eyeing it for years, finally bought it!)
Catrice Pure Shine Tinted lip balm - 010 Coral Me, Baby!
Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish - 010 Rose-Wood Is She Could

Catrice All Matt Plus foundation - 040 Sun Beige
Catrice Nude Illusion foundation - 010
Catrice Prime And Fine Mattifying waterproof powder
Essence longlasting eye pencil - 24 Purple Grey'n
NYC BB Beautifying Blushable cream stick - Soho Pink

I bought the products above for full price, except for the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation. The darkest shade of the latter one was on clearance, and I bought it so I can mix it with my light foundations and BB creams in the summer. It is my favourite foundation ever, and I know that it mixes very well with most of my foundations and BBs.

Essence Crystal eyeliner - 06 Rosy Rush; 07 Blue Heaven

blush haul

I did not plan to buy the blushes at all, but I happen to love blush, and none of these beauties were more than $2. Rossmann has raised the price of the RDLY blushes since then, it's not cool. I'm glad I bought them 6 months ago for less money.

Essence Blush up! ombre blush - 10 Heat Wave; 20 Pinky Flow
Catrice Multi Colour blush - 060 Strawberry Frappucino; 080 Peach Frappucino

RDLY duo rouge - 01 Sweet Apricot
Essence Road Trip blush & highlighter - 01 Highway to pretty!
Essence Good Girl Bad Girl blush - 01 Good Girls Wear Peach
RDLY mono rouge - 02 Light Apricot

Isana Intensiv lipbalm
H&M eyelash curler

I needed a lipbalm in roll-up packaging, so I went for my all time favourite again, which is the Isana Intensiv. I also bought the oh-so-popular H&M eyelash curler which turned out to be absolute crap. You can still make it work though.

Note to self: I need to check out the new makeup section of H&M, I hear it's nice. I haven't been to a H&M store since last July. That's what you get for living in a crappy lil town that only has a Tesco, and that's it, right? Cannot be helped.

Catrice Nude Purism nail polish - C01 Taupe-less
Catrice Nude Purism lipsticks - C02 Silky Rose; C04 Nearly Nude

I left the best one for last: the Catrice Nude Purism LE. I was very lucky to find these products in store. The Nude Purism collection was available in an extremely limited quantity in Hungary, it was only sold at like... 3 Müllers in the capital, I believe. The only reason I managed to buy these products is the fact that one of the Müllers was hella late of putting them on display, so nobody expected the LE at that specific store.

The nail polish is a dupe for my favourite nail colour from OPI, and the lipsticks are very moisturising and balm-like, which is my favourite lipstick formula. I am so angry at myself that I skipped the other 2 colours. Everything about the Nude Purism limited edition just called my name, I loved it so much.

Catrice Nude Purism Pure Shimmer highlighter
Catrice Nude Purism Pure Shimmer highlighter

I still have a couple of nail polish hauls to post, organized by brand; and a huge Korean beauty haul is on standby as well. I didn't really buy anything in the second part of 2015, even though I have a handful of products that I received as gifts for my birthday and for Christmas. My question is: would you like me to photograph those products and post them? I'm not sure if haul posts are still a thing in 2016, you don't seem to be missing them. Same goes for monthly favourite posts. Let me know.

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. Örülök, hogy nem csak nekem tűnt fel, hogy hirtelen megemelték a RDLY termékek árát - még ha csak pár száz forinttal, de akkor is... :)

    1. Igen, szerintem addig volt csak olcsó, amíg rá nem szoktatták a népet. :) Emlékszem először tavaly májusban vettem észre, hogy 100 forinttal emelték a pirosítók árát hetente. :D Kár, hogy nem maradt a régi áruk, szerintem sokan értékeltük volna.


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