August 30, 2014

Project 15 Pan: Make-up Only!

I am pretty sure that most of you are familiar with project pan posts and videos. The aim of this project is to use up a number of make-up products and to not purchase any new stuff until you use up the goal amount of products. If you are curious about my used up make-up goods, keep reading.

August 29, 2014

What's In My Bag? | Summer 2014

What's in my bag videos and blogposts have been really popular since the whole beauty craze has started a few years ago. They are interesting and fun to watch or read. If you are curious to see what is in my bag, keep reading.

August 28, 2014

Manhattan Soft Rouge Lipsticks | Review + Lip Swatches

I am probably the only person who has never tried the Revlon lip butters. The lipsticks featured in today's post remind me of those, so I picked them up. Let's see how they work:

August 27, 2014

End Of Summer Blues | Turquoise Eyes Using Barry M Pigments

I have a lot of blue eyeshadows that I occasionally use, yet I haven't touched 2 beautiful shades since I got my hands on them. Both of them are Dazzle Dusts by Barry M. It's not a surprise that both of them are gorgeous. Continue reading for the full face make-up and details.

August 24, 2014

In My Stash | Mint Green Nail Polish Collection

mint green nail polish collection

We all have that specific colour in our nail polish collection that we buy multiple shades of. My obsession is mint green, I've been a huge fan of all kind of mint shades for years now. I've built a collection of them and thought you'd enjoy a separate post with swatches. Let's see!

August 22, 2014

Catrice 'Feathered Fall' Trend Edition - Preview

Free as a bird. The fashion world is flocking to the trend of the coming Fall/Winter season: magical feathers adorn the new designer collections. From subtle applications to opulent, flouncing hemlines – marabou, ostrich or peacock feathers can be seen on all of the catwalks in the big cities. Combined with dazzling fabrics and iridescent effects, the resulting look is feminine, sensual and extremely glamorous with a touch of fashionable finesse. The Limited Edition “Feathered Fall” by CATRICE offers feather-inspired beauty products, which will be available from the end of September until the beginning of November 2014. Thirteen new beauty products are coming in the trendy fall colours almond, gold, blue-grey, petrol, aubergine and rosé. These include Eyeshadows with a gorgeous 3D-feather embossment, the Morphing Lip Gloss with ultra-soft, golden pigments as well as the Feathery Top Coat for trendy effects on your nails. Flying High – by CATRICE.

August 16, 2014

Essence Effect Long-lasting Eye Pencil | Review + Swatches

With the arrival of the 3 meter Essence displays, a new family of eyeliners has launched. Are they Urban Decay dupes? Let's find out.

A 3 méteres Essence állvány megjelenésével egy új ceruzacsalád is bekerült az állandó kínálatba. Az én birtokomban 3 árnyalat van, ezekről hoztam ma tesztet. Urban Decay dupe? Mindjárt kiderül.

August 15, 2014

Catrice 'Check & Tweed' Trend Edition - Preview

Brit Chic. A perfect blend of understatement, girlish charm and a hint of rebellion. Key products include the plaid trench coat, the classic pencil skirt and shirt dresses with clear-cut silhouettes, traditionally crafted and made of the finest materials. Numerous international designers have interpreted and combined these fashion classics in completely new ways that pay homage to aristocratic style. From mid September until mid October 2014, the Limited Edition “Check & Tweed” by CATRICE is offering matching beauty products to go with the British way of life. Highlights of the collection are the Quattro Baked Eyeshadows in two colour versions, the Velvet Lip Colours with a semi-matt finish, a Highlighting Powder with a tweed look as well as five trendy nail polishes in the limited Check & Tweed colours grey-blue, hunting green, camel, rosé and rusty red. London is calling – by CATRICE.

Essence Party Look Make-up Box - Preview

The home stretch for beauty! As the year comes to an end, the countdown to the festive season begins. With the limited essence “party look make-up box”, every beauty is sure to turn into a make-up queen from mid September to December 2014. Whether you’re heading to traditional family celebrations or the hippest party in town – an extra-portion of glitter and glamour is always a must!

August 14, 2014

Lovely Cosmetics Nude Make-up Palette | Review + Swatches

Ma az egyik legszebb és legolcsóbb palettáról írok, amit manapság drogériában vehet az ember. Gyűjtöd a szemhéjpúder palettákat? Spórolsz? A Naked paletták színeihez hasonló árnyalatokat keresel? Olvass tovább.

I'm here to show you one of the best budget palettes you could ever buy. Love palettes? On a budget? Searching for Naked palette dupes? This one is for you.

August 12, 2014

A Night Out In Las Vegas

What would you wear for a night out in Las Vegas? The city is known for gambling, crazy night life and fine dining where nothing is too over-the-top. Having a fancy dinner with your significant other? Don't know what make-up to wear? I'm here to help you out.

August 7, 2014

Softly Defined Cat Eyes | Spring Pastels

Cat eyes in the makeup industry usually equal heavy eyeliner with huge wings. Wings as big you can almost fly. However, if you struggle with applying eyeliner, there is still a way you can rock cat eyes.

August 4, 2014

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks | Review, Swatches & Try-on

essence longlasting lipstick review

I'm a big fan of lipsticks, you know that. When Essence launched their longlasting lippies last Autumn, I knew I was gonna buy a few shades. The review of them has been sitting on my laptop since last October. Since then, I've gotten a DSLR camera, so I rephotographed them.

Nagyon szeretem a rúzsokat, ez nem titok. Amikor megtudtam, hogy az Essence előáll egy új rúzs családdal, már tudtam is, hogy biztosan venni fogok belőlük. A rúzsok tavaly ősszel jöttek ki, és a teszt október óta ül a laptopomon. Azóta kaptam egy DSLR fényképezőt, így újrafotóztam az egészet. 

August 3, 2014

Pink Panda Haul | Makeup Revolution & Real Techniques

I mentioned before that I am behind with posting most of my hauls. Now I'm here with a Pink Panda haul I placed and received in June. It is my second and biggest PP haul so far. Let's see the little gems.

August 1, 2014

Essence Fragrance Sets - 2014 Fall / Winter

Next up: fragrance sets! Aren't they gorgeous?
Soron következő újdonságok: Essence parfüm csomagok. Nálunk is kaphatóak lesznek.

Essence 'Hello Autumn' Trend Edition - Preview

Well hello there! Today I'm here with very exciting news regarding the first autumn collection by Essence. Fall is my favourite season ever, and I cannot even express how excited I am about this limited edition. It is adorable! Let's see:

Ma izgalmas híreket hoztam az első őszi Essence kollekcióról, ami nálunk is kapható lesz. Nagyon aranyos a kollekció, és a sok nyári "meh" kollekció után végre egy, aminek a 80%-a biztosan hazajön majd velem. Lássuk:
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