August 24, 2014

In My Stash | Mint Green Nail Polish Collection

mint green nail polish collection

We all have that specific colour in our nail polish collection that we buy multiple shades of. My obsession is mint green, I've been a huge fan of all kind of mint shades for years now. I've built a collection of them and thought you'd enjoy a separate post with swatches. Let's see!

best mint green nail polishes
mint green nail polishes

I love pastel nail polish. Most nail bloggers/youtubers diss pastels, claiming that they are at least 3 coaters with bad a formula. Bullshit. I have to remark here that Essence and Catrice have absolutely amazing pastels, all of them that I own cover in 2 coats (yeah, even the pastel yellows, son). It irritates me when people talk trash about drugstore pastels (or the brand Essence), because clearly, they have no idea how amazing these lil polishes are. 

Mint green is a lovely colour for spring and summer, especially if we're talking about nail polish. As you can see above, we were hangin' out at the lake.

Just chillin' and enjoying the sun, no biggie.

top mint green nail polishes

My collection consists of 14 pieces so far. We're talking about very inexpensive (and great quality) nail polishes here.

They look similar, however, I don't have dupes.

Let's take a closer look at them:

1.) S-he Stylezone nail polish - 470
2.) Lovely Crystal Strength nail polish - Nr. 333
4.) Lovely Cosmetics Pearl Base nail polish - Nr. 1

The S-he nail polish is a very light frosty mint colour, it looks almost white. Dries slowly, it has the old / discontinued formula.

Next: the first Lovely colour in the rounded bottle was my very first and favourite mint green shade. It is a pale mint green, looks awesome on most skintones because it's so light. I have a backup of it.

Next in line is the queen of mint green nail polishes: Mint Candy Apple by Essie. It has strong blue undertones to it. Contrary to popular belief, Essence's That's What I Mint is NOT a dupe for it.

The last one is a basic mint green shade with neutral tones, not too blue or yellow. It is one of the new and reformulated Lovely nail polishes (I believe it was limited edition).

S-he Stylezone nail polish - 470

The order of the swatches is the same as the order of the nail polishes shown on the photos. Also, some of these I already have separate posts of, so if you see a shade name as a link, click it.

mint green nail polish swatches on nail wheel

5.) Essence Colour & Go nail polish - 146 That's what I mint!

A lot of people think that the first Essence shade is a dupe of Mint Candy Apple, but it is definitely not. MCA has blue undertones while the Essence shade is neutral.

The Lovely Amazing Amazone piece is one of my favourites, it has a lot of tiny gold sparkles and flakes in it. Beautiful shade, strangers will compliment you when you wear it.

The You Rock shade is a basic mint green colour. 

The Blossoms Etc one has blue shimmer in it, which is hard to capture on the photos. It is gorgeous in real life. I have a backup of it as well.

Lovely Cosmetics Amazing Amazon nail polish - Nr. 3

9.) Essence Show Your Feet toe nail polish - 13 Iced Mint Frappé
10.) Essence XXXL Shine Multi Dimension nail polish - 73 Replay
11.) NYC Expert Last nail polish - 253 Mint Macaroon

The Multi Dimension nail polishes by Essence were great, but they are not in stores anymore. The one shown on the pic has strong blue undertones. 

The NYC nail polish next to it has strong yellow undertones, while the others are neutral mint shades. All of these have a cream finish.

9.) Essence Show Your Feet toe nail polish - 13 Iced Mint Frappé
10.) Essence XXXL Shine Multi Dimension nail polish - 73 Replay
11.) NYC Expert Last nail polish - 253 Mint Macaroon

13.) Catrice Ultimate Nail acquer - 36 Mint Me Up
14.) Lovely Color Mania - Nr. 469

Both of these are unique shades. Mint Me Up by Catrice is a darker mint green with gold freckles / micro glass flecks.

The Lovely Nr. 469 piece is also a dark mint with strong grey undertones. It also has multicoloured sparkles in it to make the shade unique. Love both of them!

Catrice Ultimate Nail acquer - 36 Mint Me Up
Lovely Color Mania nail polish - Nr. 469

Catrice Ultimate nail lacquer - 36 Mint Me Up

My collection might grow in the futute, since I have unpainted nails on the nail wheel.

By the way, the nail wheel is from BPS, but you can find similar ones in Asia Center as well. The 10% off code is still AZB10, if you need it. 

It would be fun if you also showed me your mint green nail polishes. If you do so, tag me on twitter or instagram (@evinde).

~ Evinde

I bought the nail polishes with my own money. The nail wheel was sent to me for review.


  1. O own very few nail polish because I'm far too lazy to paint them frequently :D I like minty shades too, but one of this kind is totally okay with me and mine is Essence 'i like...' (from Blossoms etc.). If I were to buy many versions of the same colour it would be most probably grey - I love gray nail polishes!

    1. I should paint mine more frequently too! :) "I like" is one of my faves too, it's really pretty. Blossoms Etc was a great trend edition. I only own 2 gray shades, if we don't count silvers. That's not a lot, at least I have an excuse to get me some gray ones for autumn, thank you for the idea :) I love gray too.


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