March 24, 2011

Collective Haul | MAC, Catrice, Maybelline, Essie

So yeah... I bought my first MAC product EVER. It is the Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick. I know that MAC is friggin' expensive here, 25$ for a lipstick?!? Ridiculous. It is a lovely gift from my mom. :)

I aslo picked up 4 lipsticks by Catrice, (which is Essence's sister brand) they were on sale. (3$ each) Catrice has really pretty shades as far as lipstick goes.Can't wait to wear them!

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II

Moreover I bought Essie's Mint Candy Apple,oh my gosh! I've been wanting to get this since last May,and I finally got it! :) It's the perfect minty green colour.

I got another Miss Rose 8-colour palette.As you know,I've been raving about my first MR 8-colour palette since I got it,and I FINALLY found one with blue shades.
The other one is a Maybelline single eyeshadow (it was only 1$).It is a taupe shade,perfect for everyday (gyaru) looks.

Aren't they gorgeous?

I went to Asia Center as well, and I got a Danni cream blush (it reminds me of the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes,but -of course- they aren't available in my "lovely" country), eyelash adhesive and one more Flormar concealer, this time in shade 01. I love my first one (shade 04), which is great for my under eye circles,and I decided to buy this one for the rest of my face. Actually,I didn't know a single word about this brand, but it's on a quite expensive side.Here is their website. Of course as everything, in AC they are more afforable.

I picked up a Lacura foundation from Aldi :D ,because I heard a lot of good things about this brand,so I'm curious.

And finally we gave our Christmas gift to each other with Linam Chan :) (yes, Christmas gift in March, because we lolis can do it :P ) I am really happy about everything she got me! They are gorgeous, look:

Eveline skincare pack : a body lotion, an eyecream with SPF 15 and a daytime face cream with SPF 15

The Color Institute silver pack: everything silver,YAY!:D 

I also got this cute mini Teddy Bear package (body lotion, shower gel & bath salts)
I LOVE bears, and the packaging of these lovelies is just adorable.

She also got me a bunch of eyeshadows and a pretty nail polish, which is similar to OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection (and this is awesome,because OPI is more expensive here as well ).

Thank you again, Nii-chan! :D

What about your latest haul?

xo Evinde


  1. Juuuuuujjjj..:D..nagyonnincsmiiiiit!*-*

  2. Wow, what a great haul. $25 is expensive for a lipstick but if its your first MAC its special and worth it. I love that 8 shadow palette. I have never heard of the brand before. Do you know if they sell it in the US or Canada at all?

  3. Are you sure that Eveline is a Rossmann's own brand? If it really is, it should have a red mark saying "Inre Qualitatsmarke von ROSSMANN" or a Rossmann logo on it... I'm asking because Eveline is a nice Polish brand and here it is sold widely in all drug stores, so I guess that Rossmann is just the only shop in Hungary that imports these products, but does not produce them...
    Congratulations though, I like their products and I hope you'll like them,too :)

  4. I´ve got the sun club eyeshadows, too. (: And I looove them. <3
    And Catrice is one of the best brands ever. Their eyeshadows are so great!
    And you´re right. 25$ for a lipstick is very very expensive!

    Love. <3

  5. Nekem is megvan ez a Miss Rose paletta, és egyszerűen imádom:) gyönyörű színei vannak, tartós, és nem lehet rosszat mondani róla:)

  6. @linam-chan: chuuuu~!!!:D

    @Alicia: sent you a comment on your newest post ;)

    @Anna-Maria: I wasn't sure,if it's really Rossmann's brand,I also read it somewhere on the internet :/ Unfortunately only Rossmann sells this lovely brand here.The smell of these goa-milk ones is so yummy :) Smells like coconut milk.Me likey ;)

    @LowLovesFlocke: yay I love them too!These are my backups.And the ones which are including blue colours (like these two) has great colour payoff. :)
    I haven't tried Catrice eyeshadows yet,lol maybe I should?:D Moreover, I recommend you to try these Miss Rose 8-colour palettes,if you find them somewhere.These are my most pigmented eyeshadows. (even better than the Essence Metallics ones) :)

    @Fanni: ugye?:D A legeslegpigmentáltabb szemhéjpúereim,pedig nekem aztán rengeteg márkától van :) És a Miss Rose-tól is ezek a 8-as paletták a legjobbak eddig.Egyszerűen eszméletlen színük van :) Fogok csinálni róluk egy tesztes-véleményes posztot.


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