March 14, 2011

More Important Things Than Cosmetics - Japan Needs Our Help!

I'm sure that you already know about the recent disaster in Japan by now. As you know, I really adore Japan - the country, the culture, the people , mangas &  animes... everything. I was shocked  when I found out what happened. Today I was watching CNN all day, and I was crying almost in every 15 minutes watching the videos and the pictures.They are heartbreaking.

Photos are from: CNN & Facebook

After seeing these photos, I have to ask : WHERE IS GOD NOW?!!

So many people are homeless or dead...whole Japan looks apocalyptic. My thoughts are with all of those affected by this horrible tragedy.

If you want to help somehow and don't want to sitting at home hopelessly, please show support  - every single person can make a difference.

I tried to collect as many links as I can:

Facebook Events & Pages:

Beauty Bloggers & Vloggers:
Please read the video description box!There are links for charity sites.


Lady Gaga's Bracelets:

American Red Cross:

És bizony,mi magyarok is tudunk segíteni.

Japan, please stay strong! Our thoughts are with you.
Kitartás Japán! Veled vagyunk. :(

For more informations & pictures visit:

Thanks for your support, dear readers!

xo Evinde


  1. The pictures are surreal and its really hard to believe they are real and not just from some movie. Thank you for all of the links. I will definitely be checking all of them out to help in any way I can.

  2. Thank you so much for using my video, it means so so much!

  3. @Alicia: Yes they ae :( It's incredible and horrible what's going on there.Hope they will be OK someday.hank you for your help and your comment!:)) xo

    @Yu: You're welcome!:) Hope my post will help to spread the word.:)) xo

  4. I'm so glad you posted it too! : D YAY for spreading awareness <3 I scroll through the pictures every time, because they make me feel so sad : ( I'm not trying to 'ignore' the crisis, but it makes me feel even worse that I can't just walk to Japan and help them.. Bring cakes for the children, help the pets whose owners got lost, help the elder.. UGH it makes me feel so TERRIBLE : ( so yeah..

    Oh! And trust me! I'm SOOO happy with the MSF! The shadow is not as pigmented as I'd hoped, but it's VERY wearable for every day.. And trust me, girl. Denmark is one of the most EXPENSIVE countries in Europe and a single MAC shadow in the US is $14,50-$16,50. Here in Denmark the single eyeshadow is $25,50. It's INSANE! >_<"


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