March 28, 2011

Tag: 11 Most Reached For Products

There's a new tag going around on YouTube, and I thought it would be fun doing it. I saw Allison's video, who tagged everyone, so I decided to make it. This was a while ago, and the pictures were sitting on my PC for 15 days. I edited them finally, so here we go:

Let's start with the face stuff:

Flormar Perfect Coverage Concealer (04 Medium Beige):
~ I don't have that much concealers at all, only 3, and 2 out of the 3 are Flormar ones, in 2 shades. I have THE WORST (!!!) dark circles in the world, and this concealer have a peachy/orange undertone to it, so guess what? I reach for this every day.:)

NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skin Tone):~ Same thing: I own only 2 eyeshadow bases, and this is the better, however it creases when you put too much on, so be careful! Otherwise, it really holds the colours in place and makes them vibrant, so me likey. :)

Vichy Norma Teint Anti-Imperfection Foundation (15 Opal):
~ I won't repeat myself, I already have a post about this lovely. 

Powder & blush:

Catrice Mineral Compact Powder (110 Light Beige) :
~ Great setting powder, gives matte & even finish.

Essence Mineral Powder Blush 2in1 (04 Best Friends) :
~It has 2 shades, there's a light pink in the middle, and a darker pink around it. I like to mixing them together, and I get a medium rosy colour, which looks natural and pretty.

blush: on the left & center, powder: on the right


Astor Shine Delux lipstick (030 Nudie) :
~ I abslutely love this lippie, a perfect MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick.As the name says, it has amazing shine, so I never use lipgloss over it. My most used lipstick so far.

Essence XXXL Nudes lipgloss (01 Pure Beauty):
~ These nude lipglosses are the best deals by Essence. The packaging is rusty, because I always take with myself, and  it lives in my purse. Best use: over a nude lipstick, but I often use it on it's own. Great combo with MAC Viva Glam Gaga II.


Essence Metallics quattro e/s (02 Steel Me) :
~ When I don't know what to wear on my eyes, I always reach for this. It has awesome colour payoff, looks like fluid metal on the lid, makes blue eyes pop, and also has a cream eyeliner in the quad. Perfect for travelling.

Essence Pure Beauty duo e/s (01 Honey Bun) :
~ I hit pan on it, which definitely means that I often  reach for it. (=every day) The lighter colour is my favourite highligh colour, and the brown side is a great transitional colour on the lid. Pure win. (^w^)

Miss Rose 8-colour palette (no.01)
~ This product is probably not new for you, I'm always raving about these palettes. I prefer to use the brown and orange shades, because they makes blue eyes pop, and when you use a light hand, they give pretty nude looks to the eyes.

NYX JEP (Milk):
~ A truly versatile product. I use it on my waterline the most, but it's also great as a colour base,browbone & inner corner highlighter, lipcolour and even does a good job as a foundation. (I wear this on my whole face here -> my Geisha look )

I tag:

and everyone, who wants to do this tag.
xo Evinde


  1. WOOO! No problem, girl! I love tags! D:
    I got tagged a lot lately.. Some of the same tags as well. -sigh- I need to get them done soon! -runs in circles- \(^o^)/

  2. We share the same most reached blush and lipgloss! Oh, I NEED to buy this concealer! Nice tag! :)

  3. Nice tag!! mmm I've to buy that essence blush and NXY milk eyepencil!

  4. thanks for the tag :))
    I think I'll buy some of these when I go to budapest :)))))

  5. Thank you so much for being a part of my giveaway <3

    i love NYX jumbo eye pencils, they are so amazing and milk is one of my favorites. That base is also a product i use a lot :) Awesome post sweetie :)

    Xo Christine

  6. @Nani: okay \(^-^)/ I'm excited to read your most reached for things =)

    @Natalie: really?:D Then these two product must be great :D Thank you!\(^0^)/

    @Alice: those blushes aren't available anymore :/ (at least here)
    They were on sale in September, before the new silk blushes came into the shops. But the NYX pencil is GREAT!:D You need to buy it.

    @Divna: The blush isn't available anymore, as I said above, but sure you'll find goodies in Bp as well :) And let me know if you post the tag!:)

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