March 1, 2011

New Essence Products are in Stores NOW!!!

The moment has finally come: there are TONS of new Essence products in stores from 1st of March!I am so excited to try them out!Essence set the level high this Spring.

Now move on to the products:

For your lips:
Caring Lipbalms
The colours are: (L to R)
Dreaming ; Hoping
Laughing  ; Loving

There are 4 beautifully packaged lipbalms in the permanent range now,YAY! I am a HUGE
 (I mean H U G E!) lipbalm junkie,so these lovelies are must-haves for me.

In The Nude (!!!OMG!!!); All About Cupcake ; Honey Bee ; Coralize Me!

And...drumroll please: there is a NUDE lipstick out of the 4 new colours!It's like a dream for me.Can't wait to buy it.   \(^ ∇ ^)/

Stay With Me longlasting lipglosses
Me & My Icecream; My Favourite Milkshake; Candy Bar ; Trendsetter;
I Like Cotton Candy; 
Berry Me!; Kiss Kiss Kiss

Essence says:
"the name of this lipgloss could not be more appropriate: if you try it once, you'll never want to give it up again! the color-intensive texture is so wonderfully creamy and durable – without leaving a sticky feeling behind, that it's simply irresistible. the special shape of the precision applicator allows an effortless application. 
seven trendy colors are waiting to awaken those spring feelings and invite you to a creative styling session!"

I don't own lots of longlasting lipcolours (I have only 2 from Astor,but those are horrible,bwahh),so these lovelies will be new for me.The colours are absolutely pretty, especially the first 3. Btw, bold lipcolours will rock this Spring and Summer,so I highly recommend to get the bright ones as well. ;)What do you think?:)

Mini Lipgloss Sets

Angel's Kisses In Heaven ; Devil's Love & Kisses

Aww look how cute they are! Ideal for travelling - and the packaging is amazingly kawaii. (^ω^) Sure I'll pick up at least one of the sets, but I'm afraid that I'll use it up like in 3 weeks! :D

Lipliner ; Glossy Lipbalm and XXXL Shine Lipgloss
Lipliner - Nude Coral (NUDE again,YAY!:D)
Glossy Lipbalm - Juicy Melon
XXXL Shine Lipgloss- Wanted

The first thing I noticed was : there are two silver(ish) lipcolours out of the 3. WTF? But I think they are sheer enough for everyday use.I was expecting more from the glossy lipbalm,because the old one,which is not available anymore was GORGEOUS and sooo yummy. (the colour was Toffee & Frappuchino). I was totally in love with it,because that is a lipbalm which looks like a nicely pigmented shiny lipgloss,and it smells amazing.And it tastes like toffe & caramel.So I was expecting like a chocolate or candy scented one,but I've got Juicy Melon.Now sure you think: "SO WHAT?!" But hey,I prefer toffee & chocolate to melon,right? :D

For your eyes:

Eyeshadow Duos:
Best Friends ; Night Clubbing
SO-BEautiful , Rapanui

I'd buy all of them,expect the green one. (Greens aren't so flattering on my blue eyes).Best Friends and SO-BEautiful are lovely pastel colours!I love those.
And Night Clubbing is ideal for those who love sparkly stuff (=ideal for me :P)

Mono Eyeshadows:

Oh God,hope you won't mind if I skip the names of the shades now.If you wanna know them,please check them out here:

There are 14 (!!!) new colours,and a total of 36 colours now. Wow! I like the fact that there are pastel/solid and bright colours as well,so sure you'll find the best shades for your taste.

Colour & Shine Eyeshadows:

Blue Moon , Joyride To Jupiter ; Trip To Venus
Let's Do The Moonwalk , Mercurios , Milky Way

I own 3 of them from the "old range", the black,the white and the blue one.The differences are only the names of these 3 colours,so the totally new colours are Joyride, Trip To Venus and Mercurios. These def worth the money.They are baked eyeshadows,so you can use them wet or dry,the colour payoff is amazing in both cases.( anyway,I prefer to use them wet) And the names are so cute!The eyeshadows look like planets,so the names match perfectly.

Quattro Eyeshadows:

XOXO; Chic-ify; Vamp It Up
Oh-so-cute; To Die For, Rock Angel

Essence says:
"the popular quattro eyeshadows ensure even more fun with your styling sessions! each palette contains perfectly aligned colors in different textures ranging from matt to a silky shimmer so that there are no limits to your creativity with your eye make-up. 
now available with an improved texture for even more color intensity and long-lasting results!
available in a total of six color combinations."

I think the colours are pretty and they go well together.And the most important thing: they are more pigmented,than the old ones.I'm curious! :)

Gel Eyeliners:
Midnight In Paris, London Baby;
Berlin Rocks, I Love NYC

Essence's gel eyeliners are truly amazing.I own the black one from the Denim Wanted LE,and all of the Metallics ones.I love them. We (in the beauty forum)  were yelling most about the gel liners,to find them in the permanent range - and we did it! :) But I'm a bit sad,that there's no blue. In my opinion, blue is more common than green,but at least I'll go with the purple one.( A turquoise would be great,I'll hope there will be a TE which will include a blue one. 


Sun Club Palettes:

South Beach, Long Beach

Since I want the UD Naked Palette sooo bad,I think Long Beach will be my European version of that.
(Somebody!Please send me an UD Naked Palette,please!PLEASEEE!Or a Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon one! Just kidding.There are no miracles. T_T)

Glam Liners:
Just Classy; Rising Star, Royal Splendour; Stage Diva; Dresscode Ivory

Essence says:
"the new glam liner ensures a glamorous appearance wherever you go! it contains shimmering pigments to reflect the light for a unique interplay of colors with ingenious effects! liquid but quick to dry, you're sure to achieve the popular glam style in a flash thanks to the ultra-accurate applicator.
available in five colors."

Metallic Eye Pencils:
Black Knight, Iron Goddess; Green Day; Heavy Metal, White Divine, Lilectric

Essence says:
"metallic effects as far as your eyes can see! with the new metallic eye pencils, essence picks up on the metallic trend this spring. available in six different colors and with a particularly silky texture, these eye pencils allow you to create long-lasting, unique eye make-up"

Kajal, 2in1 and Long Lasting Pencils:
Kajal - Everybody's Darling; All I want
2in1 - You & I'vy, Sweet & Heart
Long lasting - I Have a Green


Gel liner brush, Smokey brush & Tweezer

Finally we got 2 brushes!YAY!They were probably the most desired things on the beauty forum.And they are chic as well,huh?:)

For your face:

Mousse Make-Up - Matt Nude, Matt Tan
Stay All Day Concealer in 2 shades
Coverstick (new packaging!)

My other most desired thing was a liquid concealer - and I think this "Stay All Day" goodie will do the job!:) Moreover the famous mousse foundation got 2 new shades.I have it in Matt Sand,and it's my favourite face product by Essence.You should try it out,if you haven't already!

Sun Club Highlighter Powder 
Mattifying Powder 
Pure Skin Matt Bronzing Powder

The packaging of the highlight powder is probably not new for some of you - remember the one in the Eclipse TE?:) The mattifying powder also looks fun. :)

For your nails:

Colour & Go nail polishes:

Available: 17 new colours.(Total: 36)
There are holographic ones too!Sure I'll pick up at least 2 of them.

XXL Shine nail polishes:

Aww look that minty green shade on the right!So pretty.I think it's similar to Essie's Mint Candy Apple,which is my most wanted colour by Essie. We'll see!

Franch Manicure nail polishes:
Me likey the nude one!

Crackle Polishes:

Crackle polishes are so in style lately,just think of the OPI Katy Perry Black Shatter,or the Barry M ones.These are affordable dupes by Essence.I have to have one.

Magnetic Nail Polishes:

Magnet, Stampy Polish & Nail Ar Pens:

Stickers & Tattoos:

Freestyle & Tip Painters:
More Than Silver, Mysterious Black, Juicy Coral

Nail Art Twins:

Silver - Romeo & Julia
Green - Bella & Edward :D
Purple - Gabriella & Troy
Blue - Chuck & Blair

I think something went wrong on the picture,so check them out here:

Nail Care:

Special Effect Toppers:

Show Your Feet goodies:
For more info,go here:

Now I need to go shopping ASAP,and I think I'll skip buying the new MAC Gaga lipstick.Instead of buying that,I'll pick up Essence stuff.:) And MAC is so freakin' EXPENSIVE here :S For example a lipstick is 25$.(=5000 HUF) RIDICULOUS.

I spent 4 hours on doing this post,so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND commenting on it,not just peekin'.That is so annoying,if you working on a post like this for hours,and nobody's reacting.
So please.

(Pictures from Google.)

xo Evinde


  1. wíííí!!!
    marhára örülök ennek bejegyzésnek, nagyon klassz, köszi. :)
    ezek az új cuccok kaphatóak már Mo.-n? s ha igen, hol? :)
    már látom, hogy rengeteget fogok költeni, basszus...

  2. @saly: melegen ajánlom,hogy behozzák őket ide is!:D Elvileg mától kaphatóak,bár még nem ellenőriztem.:) Én is már elköltöttem gondolatban pár ezrest :D Végre vki örül egy bejegyzésnek,csoda történt!!:D

    @Divna: Yes! I really would like to try out the Stay With Me lippies and the concealer!:)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @saly: azt elfelejtettem,hogy Rossmannban,Müllerben és 1-2 DM-ben kaphatóak.

  5. Amazing post!Four hours well spent...;)...Thank you for the news..Here in Italy nothing at all yet!

  6. Szia Deathstarsos pajtásném!
    Oh my dear god, I gotta buy them all! AHDSGHA Seriously.
    Okay, I'm just kidding, but I MUST buy:
    The Deaming Lipbalm, In the Nude lipstick, Devil's Love& Kisses mini lipsticks, Milky Way and Mercurios eyebrush, White Divine eye pencil, the rainbow and purple holographic nail polishes, minty green XXL, one crackle polish, a silver magnetic polish, one special effect topper...
    I don't know where I will collect the money, but I'm sooo sure I will! Essence is always fantastic and not as expensive as the MAC. Okay I admit that I couldn't resist to buy one of the venomous villains lipstick of their V.V. collection, but I totally regretted it. It was sooo damn expensive, and from it's price I could buy tons of beautiful essence products :/


  7. ajjajj..így nehéz lesz a körmös sulira spó végülis, ha lakkokat veszek, akkor azt betudhatom a körmös mániámnak nem?

  8. @Evinde: fú, rengeteg dolog tetszett meg. :) holo-s körömlakk biztosan kell, repedező lakk szintén. (körömlakkbuzi vagyok. nagyon. :) ) az ecsetek is nagyon tetszenek, és az ajakbalzsamot is kénytelen leszek kipróbálni.
    egyébként hogy mely dm üzletek rendelkeznek essence állvánnyal, az itt van, szerintem publikálhatnád, mert sokan keresik és nem tudják. :)
    kellene valami alap a szemhéjsmink alá is, hejj... csak lássam meg valamelyik szegedi Rossmann-ban. :)

  9. @saly: Melyik szegedi Rossmant tartod esélyesnek? Esetleg Douglas???
    Köszi szépen előre is!
    @Evinde: Köszi asszem tudom mire fogom költeni a maradék karácsonyi pénzem XD XD XD Gaz csábító ;)

  10. @Alexandra: Douglas-ban tutira nincs essence cucc. :) Rossmannok közül ellenben van a Kárász utcaiban, a Fekete sas utcaiban, a plázabeliben is. szóval valamelyikben biztosan lesz újítás, ha nem is a héten, de még márciusban. ott is kiárusították az utolsó darabokat az új kollekció miatt, úgyhogy majd meglátjuk, csak idő kérdése. :) (de két hét múlva megyek haza, szóval ha más nem, majd Pesten. :D )

  11. o my goood!! thanks for this post!! I love you and I love essence too!! I can't decide what to buy! I hope that they will arrive in Italy!!

  12. Úristen de elképesztően gyönyörűségesek! :D Pont azon mérgelődtem, hogy mostanában többször jövök ki drogériából zsákmány nélkül, mint zsákmánnyal, mert nem tudnak lenyűgözni az új cuccok. Na itt a kivétel! Holnap le is kell csekkolnom, hogy be lehet-e szerezni már valamit. Remélem, hogy igeeeeeeeeen! :)

  13. Thank you so much for your e-mail. So sweet of you to think of me. I am in love with everything! Those Stay With Me lipglosses are amazing! I honestly want every single colour. So many colours in the mono shadows. I especially love the deep navy looking colour. I really hope the US gets all of the same items especially those glosses!

  14. thank you for it. It very interesting. I want buy some of these :)

  15. thanks a lot for your post! i can't wait to buy half of this products :P

  16. ezt tényleg jól összeszedted. gratula :D eddig nem voltam egy nagy Essence fan, de mostanában egyre többet vásárolok. Németországban lakom, tegnap voltam megnézni hogy van e már új kollekció de még nem volt.:( pedig a gel eyelinerekre már nagyon fenem a fogam :D de az ajakápolók is nagyon édesek. holnap meg is nézem hogy lehet-e már kapni őket.

  17. awwww, the images are so yummy! lol! Seriously, I CANNOT wait to see and grab these products, all of them! thank you so much for spending time to put them all together, this is the post I'll read again and again every time I feel sad and unhappy, I'm sure it'll make me smile :)

  18. The new quattros are in store by us since 1 year. (here in germany).
    And they are beautiful. <3

  19. Én ma voltam Rossmann ba és nem találtam ilyeneket, pedig a két uj ecsetre és a zselés szemhéjtusra nagyon rákattantam.. :/
    Másfele már vannak? És ha igen árban milyenek?:)

  20. Nálunk sincsen még semmi :C pedig nagyon rákészültem, hogy veszek valamit erre bammm semmi :C holnap megnézem még másik két helyen, de nem reménykedek :C

  21. FIRST OF ALL: I'd like to thank you all the lovely comments.Hope you'll keep commenting in the future as well!It means a lot to me.

    Szeretném megköszönni a sok-sok kommentet,nagyon örültem nekik.Remélem,hogy a jövőben is ilyen aktívak lesztek!Ha valami,akkor ez tényleg motiválja az embert a folytatásra.

    @Jibriel: Thank you!Glad you like it.

    @Dorottya: YAY for Deathstars!;D I was also like "OMG I need everything!" :D Especially the Stay With Me lipglosses. *w*
    And WOW you have a MAC lippie YAY!The Venomous Villains was an amazing collection.Which colour did you get?:D I think that every girl need at least 1 MAC lipstick.
    But sadly,brands like MAC are so friggin' expensive here.:S So better to buy Essence goodies,as you said!:) (Mindezek ellenére tervezem,hogy beszerzem az új MAC Gaga rúzst.:3 És utána kb 5 évig nem veszek semmit,úgy lehúz majd anyagilag :D
    És mehetnénk már DS koncertre!:D

    @Fanni:ha lakkokat veszel,szerintem nyugodtan ráfoghatod,hogy készülsz a körmös sulira ;)

    @saly: ne is mondd!:D A DM-es listát köszönöm,postolom hamarosan. Szemhéjalapozó amúgy nem ártott volna még,azért is nagyon odavoltunk a fórumon,de ezek szerint mindent nem lehet. :)

    @Alexandra: Szaszám vigasztaljon,hogy nálam többet úgysem költesz sminkre.:) (már persze,ha nem MAC cuccokat veszel,aminek darabja 5-7000 ropi :D )

    @Alice: Hope you'll get soon the new stuff!Glad you like the post. :)

    @Julcsi: Attól tartok,nem mostanában lesznek kaphatóak.:S Magyarország eléggé le van maradva Essence terén mondjuk Németo.-hoz képest,úgyhogy nincsenek nagy reményeim ezzel kapcsolatban sem. :S

    @Alicia: You're welcome!:) Yes,the Stay With Me lippies are to-die-for.I'll pick up a few of them for sure!:) Hope you can buy them there as well. xo

    @Rasa: No prob!I want them too :)

    @pipette1110: You're welcome!Haha I understand you,I hate waiting as well!:D

    @Henriett: Köszi!:) Egyre jobban fejlődik az Essence,úgyhogy szerintem nem rossz döntés ebből a márkából vásárolni. :) Jó,hogy Némeországban laksz,mert ott minden kollekció kapható,nem úgy mint itt (azóta is fájdítom a szívem az I Love Berlines paletta miatt :/ ) Annyi bizos,hogy ott előbb lesznek kaphatóak az új dolgok,mint nálunk.:)

    @NatalieDouka: Aww thanks for your kind words!:) I'm really curious about the new products as well.I just hate waiting. :)

    @LowLovesFlocke: Wow really? :O Then,I think Hungary is a bit lost.What a surprise! :) ^_^"

    @Alexa: még ma sem kaphatóak?:S Bár nem lep meg igazán.Majd örüljünk,ha áprilisban kirakják a polcokra.A zselés tusokkal én is szemeztem,de még sok van a Denim Wanted-es tusomban,és még van egy bontatlan Douglas-os is.Plusz félek,hogy beszáradna,és kéthetente kúrálhatnám,mint a mostanit :) És a fő ok: nincs köztük kék D:
    Nem tudok róla,hogy máshol lenne,de ha van valami fejlemény,infókat kérek!:)

    Ha valaki már talál új dolgokat kis hazánkban,légyszi írja meg ide vagy a twitteremre!:)

  22. *Dorottya: Na puff neki.Várható volt amúgy :/

  23. Áprilistól lesz elvileg csak Magyarországon...

  24. I appreciate you working so hard (and long) on this post. WELL DONE :)

  25. omg thank you for posting all the new products!! I was searching a list like this (because on the website it was a bit annoying to go one by one) and finally I found it here as a list, it's perfect!

    And I'm starting to do the 'List of Essence things to buy'.. gosh, it's gonna be really long xD but on the top there is the gel eyeliner in black.. oohh and the mascara (not the waterproof one, the other, dramatic or so) (hahaha, I wrote bulletproof mascara, then I realized it's waterproof, not bullet xD) but woah! I saw a pic of a german girl trying that mascara and it was really good, it looked like false lashes because they were sooo long and so black *_* I fell in love with that mascara, it'll be mine for sure! xD

    Well, and the lipglosses.. I love them.. and the nude lipstick..ohh finally!!! I want it!! And the electric blue eyeshadow is adorable! and well.. everything! Can't wait to see them in Spain!

  26. ma sikerült beszereznem itt németországban a lila gel eyelinert(berlin rocks) és hozzá ecsetet. hetek óta több üzletben néztem hogy mikor lesznek már kaphatóak most láttam őket először és ez volt az utolsó darab gel eyeliner.. örülök hogy megvettem , nagyon jó színe van és tartósnak is bizonyult eddig.

  27. Four hours? Heck! But worth it:)) I love this product, just a pity that we don't get all of the funky things in South Africa that you guys can find over there.

  28. Its soo cool!
    Love essence too! So cheap and good quality!
    Whats your faves?

  29. I wished that, now, there still existed some of that products! *_*

  30. I wished that, now, there still existed some of that products! *_*


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