January 29, 2015

Autumn Leaf Nail Decoration | Cute Nail Art Ideas For Fall

The Southern Hemisphere will head into Autumn soon, so why not make a cute Autumn leaves inspired manicure? Fall is my favourite season, so I'll grab every opportunity to write Autumn-themed posts.

autumn leaves nail design

I combined fall leaf water decals and maple leaf decorations on my nails just to show you the options, but I would not wear the water decals at the same time as the little maple leaves. Imagine cutting the photo in the center, so you have two different manicures.

autumn leaf nails
autumn leaves nail art

I'd pair the water decals with a nude or brown shade underneath, so they show up better. I used a rose gold shade and a multicolour shade, and you can see that the leaves look better on the light colour.

fall leaf nail art
OPI - A Woman's Prague-ative

The tiny maple leaf studs / particles are my favourites so far, and you can pair these with deeper shades too. They will show up because of their 3D effect. My maple leaves are gold and red coloured, but you can find more shades here.

autumn leaf manicure
maple leaf nail design for fall / autumn

You can find both autumn nail accessories on the Born Pretty Store website, I linked them above individually. If you use the code AZB10, you'll get 10% off. It is not an affiliate code, and the links aren't affiliate links either.

What do you think? Would you wear them?

~ Evinde

The water decals and the maple leaves were sent to me for review purposes.

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