January 17, 2015

Essence Effect Eyeshadow Cream | Review + Swatches

The Essence Effect cream eyeshadows have been available since last summer, and they will be discontinued this month. I photographed them in July, so I thought I might as well write the review now, before they are gone.

Essence Effect eyeshadow creams - 05 China's Groove; 02 Brazil's Sunset; 04 Ireland's Nature

The idea of these tube cream shadows is not new, Essence used to have very similar tube cream shadows a couple of years ago, you will see them towards the end of the post. I also will write this review in a new format, hope you'll like it.

Essence Effect eyeshadow creams

- 6 shades available, I own 3 of them
- they come in a tube, practical and easy to use
- each tube contains 7 ml of product, that is a lot
- you need a very small amount to cover both lids
- they have different finishes depending on the shade: satin, glitter, shimmer

Essence Effect eyeshadow cream - China's Groove 

Essence Effect eyeshadow creams

- they cover very well in 1 layer
- you can't use more than one layer because it will look cakey and crispy
- you have to blend them quickly because they set fast
- once they set they don't move
- if you use them on their own, they will crease after 7 hours, that's pretty good
- if you set them with eyeshadow, they won't crease
- I use them as colour base

New tube cream shadows vs old tube cream shadows by Essence:

Essence Metal Glam cream eyeshadow vs. Essence Effect cream eyeshadow

- the new ones last longer and they have improved formula
- the old ones creased after a couple of hours

Essence Metal Glam cream eyeshadows

I remember that I had to visit several Müllers to find the coral one, I guess it was a popular shade. I was happy when I managed to buy it. I received the other ones in a goodie bag at a blogger event. 

Essence Effect eyeshadow cream swatches:
04 Ireland's Nature - old gold / yellowy green (satin)
05 China's Groove - glittery coral
02 Brazil's Sunset - bronze (satin)

Essence Effect eyeshadow cream swatches

If you are a fan of cream eyeshadows, I'd definitely pick up a couple of them before they are gone. I'm biased towards cream shadows, so I really like them. If you're not into liquid / cream type shadows, you can skip these, Maybelline Color Tattoos are better. Even Essence had better cream shadows than these, but those have been discontinued as well.

~ Evinde

I received 2 shades as a gift at a blogger event. I purchased one shade myself. (Since then, I purchased 3 more of them.)


  1. i didn't know it was so good... the packaging looks cheap. maybe i will try the brown one, for the price it cannot be wrong...

    1. The packaging is allright, many brands have similar tube eyeshadows. Essence is a very good brand in general. The clearance price will be under 2$.

  2. Most táraztam be belőle a leárazáson, három színt. Szóval akkor vékony rétegben kell felkenni?
    Nem értem miért vonják ki... :))

    1. Igen igen, több rétegben egy kicsit "összetúrósodik".


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