August 20, 2015

Bebe Relaxing Care Day & Night Cream | Review

I have been a fan of Bebe products ever since the brand made its way to Hungary a couple of years ago. It is my favourite brand when it comes to inexpensive skin care and lovely ingredients. Today I am here to share my review of the Bebe Relaxing Care day & night cream.

Similarly to other Bebe face creams, the Relaxing Care day and night cream also comes in a clear glass jar with a plastic pink lid. The customer gets 50 ml of product in the jar, which is the standard amount of product for face creams. I purchased mine at Müller for approx. 1400 HUF, which is around 5-7$, depending on the weakness of our currency. It is a great inexpensive cream for people on a low budget.

Bebe Relaxing Care Day & Night cream
Bebe Relaxing Care Day & Night cream

The most amazing feature of the product is the scent: it has a truly a wonderful relaxing scent. I can smell lavender in it for sure, even though it is not a standard lavender scent. It smells like fancy aroma therapy oils in a spa. This next information I am about to share may sound silly for some of you, but I can sleep better when I use it as a night cream. 

The texture of the Bebe Relaxing Care cream is very light; it is a hybrid gel-cream product for sure, even though the packaging labels it as a cream. It sinks into the skin quickly, leaving a soft and plump feel, thanks to the glycerin and dimethicone in it. Thankfully, it does not ball up on the skin when you apply too much, so it works nicely as a makeup base. The scent of it disappears after a while.

The product has great, non-irritating ingredients in it: no bad alcohols, menthol or witch hazel. These bad guys tend to mess up my skin the most, and they are everywhere. Even supposedly great brands like Neutrogena tend to put a load of bad alcohols in their products, which I will never understand. It's even more interesting that this little dude has better ingredients in it than my mother's expensive Vichy face cream. She switched to Bebe products since then.

Bebe Relaxing Care Day & Night cream
Bebe Relaxing Care Day & Night cream

I have oily, acne-prone skin with dry, peeling flakes on my nose. I only use the Bebe Relaxing Care cream as a daytime cream when it is cold outside, which is never in Hungary lately, too bad. Otherwise, it is too rich for my taste, even though it is still a light cream. I usually use it as a night cream, or only use it on my nose at daytime. It works wonderfully with dry peeling skin. It also pairs very well with my benzoyl-peroxide treatment, which is always a plus. Moisturisers that go well with BP products are hard to find in Europe.

To sum it up, I am a big fan of this cream, I just finished up my first jar last week. It is definitely a repurchase. Even though my number one is its sister, the Bebe green tea gel, the Relaxing Care cream is my go-to night cream and instant cure for peeling skin. It is a face product that I would recommend to anyone.

Have you tried Bebe face creams before?

~ Evinde

I purchased the product with my own money.

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  1. Hello I have recently heard great reviews from this face cream and since I am from Serbia I just want to know where I can buy it 💖


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