August 8, 2015

Collective Makeup Haul | January - May 2015

huge makeup haul

As the title suggests, I will show you a lengthy collective haul today. I purchased these products at the beginning of the year, starting in January & ending in May.

I managed to buy most of the products on sale, and that is what I always try to do. I avoid buying products for full price, even though my country is a place where sales and coupons are rare (compared to the US, for example).

Both of the Flormar products were on a 50% off sale because of the Glamour shopping days in April. I purchased them through the Nailland website.

flormar multi color powder rose & coral
Flormar Pretty Compact quartet eye shadow - P045 Taste of Chocolates (14g!)
Flormar Deluxe Multi Effect Powder - DM01 Rose & Coral Multicolor 

rival de loop young mono rouge
Rival de Loop Young mono rouge (blush):
01 Tender Rose & 03 Pink Grapefruit

I decided to buy more of the Rival de Loop Young blushes, because Rossmann just keeps raising the price. They used to be 500 HUF (in October), and now they are 700 HUF or even more. Gotta catch 'em all before the price goes up to the Essence price range. I am very fond of the RDLY mono blushes.

essence pure nude powder
Essence Pure Nude powder - 10 Nude Ivory
(MAC MSF Natural dupe?)

My wishlist included a couple of the new Essence products that came out in March. I purchased the Pure Nude powder that is supposed to be a dupe for the MAC MSF Natural powders by the look of it; and I also picked up 2 of the All About Matt! liquid concealers, because they are amazing. Favourite concealers so far! I have a lot of liquid concealers from many brands, so that's sayin' something. I paid full price for these.

essence all about matt high covering concealer
Essence All About Matt! high covering concealer - 10 Matt Beige

Essence Hidden Stories cream highlighter - 02 Enter Wonderland
Essence Easy To Use eyeliner (brush tip)
Catrice Check & Tweed lipstick backup - Brit Chick
Essence longwearing lipstick - 13 Love Me
Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara (gift w/ purchase)

miss sporty mono eyeshadow
Miss Sporty mono eyeshadows:
Classy - Candy - Tender (top)
Dazzle - Scandalous - Striptease (bottom)

Six of the Miss Sporty mono eyeshadows came home with me as well, because I've been eyeing with them for a while and I managed to buy them on clearance for $1 each. If you have trypophobia, I'd suggest to avoid them. 

menow matte lip cream ebay
MeNow matte lip creams from eBay (Nr. 18 & Nr. 30)

Everyone owns at least one of these by now, because they've been pretty popular in the beauty community in the last year or so. The main cause of that is the Lime Crime drama that happened at the beginning of the year. These are supposed to be dupes for the Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere, and since I love the colour of Cashmere based on the photos, I thought I'd give them a try. Lime Crime was always too pricey for me, so buying Casmere wasn't an option. Turns out I was lucky that I never bought anything through the site.

Catrice powders with unique patterns

Look at these pretty powders, aren't they gorgeous? Catrice has the most beautiful and unique powders, considering drugstore and high-end; European and American brands. Hands down. I also purchased them on a sale (50% off), so I saved a lot of money. Thanks for Rossmanns in small towns where people are not interested in makeup at all. I haven't even touched them because I did not want to disturb the pattern on the surface of the powders.

Catrice Viennart powder blush - C01 Floral OrnARTment
Catrice Rock-o-co trio powder eye shadow - C02 Bouquet de Roses
Catrice Check & Tweed highlighter - C01 Flagg The Union Jack

lip balm haul
Labello lip butter (original & Coconut)
Isana Intensiv lip balm
Yves Rocher Noix de Coco lip balm
Bee Natural Key Lime lip balm

Bought a bunch of lip balms as well. The Labello lip butters were on sale for buy 1 get 1 free basically, I love them. I own 5 of them. My other all-time favourite lipbalm is the Isana Intensiv, it is better than any other roll-up type lipbalm, drugstore or high-end included. The best part is the price, you can buy them for 300 HUF ($1), even though they raised the price recently. It used to be 270 HUF. Others must like it too if they decided to raise the price of the Intensiv kind.

Both the Yves Rocher and the Bee Natural lip products are very disappointing. Both of them are more expensive than my Isana Intensiv, and they do nothing. The worst one of the bunch is the Yves Rocher one, I could apply water for the same effect. Sad, really.

I am very proud of the 4 eye products above, because they are usually very expensive, and yet I managed to buy them for more than 50% off. L'Oreal and Maybelline is ridiculously expensive in this country, especially for being a drugstore product.

L'Oreal Color Infaillible eye shadows
015 Flashback Silver & 004 Forever Pink

Both of them were on my wishlist, and I picked them up for 1200 HUF each on clearance at DM. I wonder if they are being discontinued? Flashback Silver is supposed to be a dupe of a MAC eyeshadow I've been wanting to try. 

L'Oreal Color Infaillible eye shadows
015 Flashback Silver & 004 Forever Pink 

Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows:
87 Mauve Crush (I don't know the US name of this shade)
65 Pink Gold (US name: Inked in Pink)

Both of the Color Tattoos above were on my wishlist ever since they came out in Europe, and I'm glad that I could buy them for 50% off. The full price of these is around 2600 HUF (almost $10), which is rather expensive for drugstore cream eyeshadows. Now I own 6 of them, and my wishlist is empty as far as Color Tattoos are concerned. The colour selection is very limited here in Europe. I wish that a beige shimmery colour made its way to this country as well. I know that there are/were many shimmery beige Color Tattoos overseas.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Mauve Crush
Maybelline Color Tattoo - 87 Mauve Crush 

maybelline color tattoo pink gold aka inked in pink
Maybelline Color Tattoo - 65 Pink Gold (= US Inked in Pink)

huge drugstore haul

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro - 100 F'rosen Yogurt & 040 Never Let Me Go
Catrice Photo Finish foundation backup
Garnier Essentials Sensitive duo-phase makeup remover (favourite makeup remover)

I picked up the Catrice and Essence products in January and February, all of them were on clearance. I already posted the photos on IG a couple of months ago.

Katy Perry Royal Revolution perfume set

I bought the Katy Perry Royal Revolution perfume set after Christmas, and it is the biggest money saver of the haul. I bought a 30ml perfume (+ shower gel and body lotion) for 3000 HUF ($10), which is crazy, because the 15ml perfume alone is more than $10. It is supposed be a dupe of one of the Juicy Couture perfumes, and since JC is not really available here (and it is expensive), I am beyond happy with this purchase. 

It is an excellent and versatile scent, you can wear it all year 'round, for any occasion. Perfumes like that are rare, especially that I match my perfume to seasons. It is the first scent in my collection that isn't exclusively a fall or summer (you name it) perfume. On a side note, my perfume collection is rather large (it contains more than 30 pieces), so I really appreciate this scent.

If you need a review of any of the products above, let me know. 

~ Evinde

I purchased the products with my own money.


  1. A púderre nagyon kíváncsi vagyok, arról várom a tesztet majd! :)

  2. Szuper cuccok! :)
    A L'Oreal Forever Pink-et kerestem már, de mire kitaláltam, hogy megvásárolnám, nem lehet kapni, úgyhogy szerintem kifutó lehetett :(


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