August 3, 2015

Essence Fragrance Sets | Fall & Winter 2015

Fragrant sets! essence is once again presenting this year’s favorites with the new “fragrance sets”. Two of the most popular fragrances will be available in a limited gift box from September to December 2015. In each set, one eau de toilette is combined with two nail polishes – one from the current I ♥ TRENDS nail polish the nudes range and the other as an exclusive limited colour of the new I ♥ TRENDS nail polish the metals. The charm of a super sweet candy shop or butterflies in your stomach – the fragrance sets bring beautiful memories back to life and inspire great emotions. Sweet-fresh and floral-fruity fragrance compositions are sure to make the eyes of any gift recipient shine. The perfect gift – at the usual low essence price. The eau de toilettes were developed in collaboration with internationally renowned perfumers and are presented in a fresh, cool design in stylish flacons made of the finest materials with bright and cheerful little ribbons. The limited trendy gift boxes each contain the respective 50ml eau de toilette and two popular I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes. 

essence fragrance set – like a day in a candy shop

Candied charm! This fragrance is floral and fresh as well as sensual and sweet – simply wonderful! Peach and orchid give the top note a light and fruity freshness while lilac, heliotrope and jasmine blossoms provide a flowery nuance in the middle note. Vanilla, tonka bean and musk in the base note give the fragrance the sweet, exotic touch that makes it so sensual. On top, each “like a day in a candy shop” gift set contains two I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes, including one with a cool, metallic effect. Wow! essence fragrance set “like a day in a candy shop”.

essence fragrance set – like a new love

Feel the heartbeat! This gift set is sure to make hearts beat a little faster. The fragrance is floral, fruity and romantic at the same time – as exciting as your first date! A mix of tangerine, grapefruit, pepper and elemi creates a thrilling effervescence in the top note. On the other hand, peony, hyacinth, rose and peach provide a blossomy touch, while coffee, chocolate, vanilla and musk in the base note make this fragrance so unique and sensual. On top, the set contains two I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes – including one with a metal finish. Fall in love! essence fragrance set “like a new love”.

essence “fragrance sets” will be available in stores from September to December 2015. 

This edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Nepal, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malta, Qatar, Tunisia, and Bahrain.

~ Ev

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