August 1, 2015

Sexy Red and Black Lace Nails | OPI Romantically Involved

Red and black is my favourite colour combination: it is classy yet sexy at the same time, and it works for many occasions. I will show you a lace manicure that uses the combination of these two colours.

red and black lace nails

Besides the lace nail accessory, I wanted to use my very first red OPI nail colour that I bought in March but haven't shown yet. It is Romantically Involved from the 50 Shades of Grey collection, and it a perfect sexy red colour that is on the vintage brick red side. We see a lot of cherry and poppy reds, but these kind of muted, slight (very slight!) orange toned reds are somewhat hard to find.

OPI Romantically Involved

OPI Romantically Involved nail polish
OPI Romantically Involved 

Even though Romantically Involved has orange tones to it, it is cool toned at the same time, which is very interesting. It has a beautiful creme formula that covers in two coats. It doesn't stain either. The fact that I managed to buy it for 50% off is the cherry on top.

OPI Romantically Involved nail swatch
red and black lace manicure

Let's move on to the nail stickers. I've been testing BPS products for over a year now, and so far these black lace stickers are my favourite nail accessories from them. As soon as I picked them for a review, I knew that I wanted to do a red and black manicure.

red and black sexy lace nails

You see below that the stickers are very long, so even if you have long nails, you will need to cut the stickers for a perfect fit. There are 108 nail stickers on the sheet, each line containing enough pieces for a full manicure. Since I had to cut them, I only needed a couple of them for the mani, so they will last for a long time.

I was concerned at first because smaller nail stickers tend to lift up once you apply a top coat on your nails. The weight of a gel finish top coat (such as Seche Vite or Essence BTGN) straightens the sticker and it just lifts up, ruining the mani. I had no problem with these stickers at all, and I am beyond happy about that. I think the reason is the size of the stickers. They are so long that they almost cover the entire nail, so lifting is not likely in this case. I applied two coats of Seche Vite, by the way.

You can purchase the blooming flower lace nail stickers here for $4. Don't forget that you get 10% off if you use the code AZB10.

I would wear this manicure to a special occasion; to a fancy date or with a goth lolita cosplay. Heck! Even with just a simple goth outfit. I used to wear a lot of red and black goth outfits, and boy, do I miss them.

What do you think of the colour combination? Would you wear it?

~ Evinde

The BPS webshop is now available through an application, which you can find here, if you are curious. I believe it's only available for Apple now.

The nail stickers were sent to me for review consideration. I purchased the OPI nail polish with my own money.


  1. OMG, what an amazing combination of red & black!! Love that red polish & those stickers are fabulous <3

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, I'm glad you like it! (^▽^)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Gabi, I'm glad you like it! (・∀・ )


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