July 22, 2014

Avon Haul | July 2014

I've been eyeing a few products in the latest Avon catalogue, but I kept putting it off because of the recent Catrice sale. Finally I decided to pick them up, so here we go.

Both of the products are considerably new, at least to me. You all know by now that cream eyeshadows are my all-time fave make-up products, I have a ton of them. When I noticed that Avon has new cream eyeshadows (they call them inks this time), I wanted to try them right away. Avon used to have cream eyeshadow in a similar jar with a black lid (I haven't tried those).

look at the tiny sponge applicator, so cute

I don't have a lilac cream eyeshadow that is longlasting, so I decided to buy the shade called Lasting Lilac.

The Color Trend family has new pigments, and when I saw the periwinkle shade (Violet), I ordered it. I'm planning to use the two products together as well as with other goodies I already have. Also can we just have a moment for the lovely pastel packaging of the Color Trend pigment?

Avon Eye Shadow Ink - Lasting Lilac
Avon Color Trend Flower Power Eyeshadow - Violet

Both of the items are on sale right now and will be on sale next month as well. The eye shadow ink is 999 HUF (~5$) and the pigment is 660 HUF (~3$)

I can't wait to wear these, but currently I'm breaking out like hell because of the Garnier BB cream. I also have to post my already photographed looks before creating new ones.

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. Nem lepődöm meg, hogy lilát rendeltél :)
    Kíváncsi vagyok a véleményedre, én nem mertem még megrendelni őket, gondoltam várok előbb a véleményekre

    1. Én is begugliztam, de egy árva találat sem jött ki rájuk. A krémes szhpúderről már most tudok írni, lerobbantani sem tudom a kezemről. A színét kicsit építgetni kell.


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