July 1, 2014

Catrice Products Leaving Soon - 2014 Summer / Kifutó Catrice termékek - 2014 nyara

Elérkezett a nyár, ami egy újabb Catrice készletsöprést jelent. Nagyon bosszant, hogy ha találok valamit, ami beválik, akkor nem ülhetek nyugodtan, mert biztosan megszűnik. Persze most is így jártam pár termékkel. A megszűnő termékek pedig a következők:

It is July and that means lot of Catrice goodies will leave the permanent range. I am so mad, you have no idea. Some of my all-time favourites will be discontinued as well.

A szemhéjbázis nem véletlenül szűnik meg, én az enyémet teljesen kiszáradva vettem anno, nem lehet vele dolgozni. Mivel le volt ragasztva, ezért ellenőrizni sem tudtam, hogy milyen állagú, mielőtt megvettem.

The eye primer will be discontinued for a reason. I bought mine a year ago and it was completely dried out. I can't work with it. Since it was sealed, I couldn't check it if it was dry or not.

A loose powder évek óta nagy kedvencem, le se lehet robbantani alóla a sminket. Miért is ne szűnne meg?!

The loose powder is a HG product of mine, it beats the MUFE HD powder as well. I am so mad, soooo mad.

A BB krémet két hete vettem meg, így most igyekezhetek a teszt megírásával. A light-reflecting korrektor tollal is ez a helyzet. 

I bought the BB cream and the light-reflecting concealer like 2 weeks ago, so now I have to hurry with the reviews. Too bad they are discontinuing the BB cream, it is awesome.

Don't even get me started on the nail polishes.

Mit gondoltok? Én nagyon mérges vagyok. Ebben a hónapban már van pár kiadásom, így elég kicsi az esélye, hogy vegyek backupot bármiből is, ami eddig bevált.

What do you think? I am beyond angry. I can't really afford shit in this month, so buying backups is almost impossible for me this time.

Viszont! Hihetetlen mennyiségű új termék érkezik, szuper dolgokkal. Figyeljétek a blogot! ;)

Oh also, this is my 300th post!
Ez a 300. bejegyzésem!

New Catrice products 2014 Fall/Winter: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3
Új Catrice szortiment 2014 ősz / tél: 1. rész, 2. rész, 3. rész

~ Ev


  1. A pécsi árkádban már megy az akció. :)

    1. Az nem semmi :0 Kicsit késve küldtek idén infót.

  2. A BB krémet én is sajnálom kicsit, de ugyanígy kíváncsi vagyok az utódjára is, hátha za még jobb lesz :)

  3. Congrats to the 300th post! :)) I have to say that usually I go crazy about the discontinued products, but this time I want just few nail polishes, that I don't have so far and maybe one lipstick... need to check it the store... And I'm a bit sad about the BB too, I love it, I already have my second package and one more in stock, so I'm safe :D But it was the best drugstore BB to get here, so again I feel like they always decide to discontinue the most amazing products =_= But on the other hand I want to try some more foundations, so I'll finish these Catrice BBs and then I can try something new again... a little positive thing about that... (since I don't like to have too many foundations, I usually wait until I use up what I have and then buy new one :D)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Niky! :) I will buy some nail polishes as well, and I'm thinking of buying a backup of my beloved Lilactric, it is such a unique colour. I agree with you on the Catrice BB, I've tried numerous drugstore ones, and this one is the best. I should buy a backup of it as well. You're wise about the amount of your foundations, I wish I was able to do that! Foundation is probably my biggest passion next to eyeshadow, so I have like 35 tubes of different foundations and BBs. (some of them are PR samples and are too dark for me, I only use them when cosplaying a dark skinned character).

    2. Yay, sure :)) Lilactric is such a gorgeous shade, indeed, so one more bottle will be handy :D I went to the store and got myself few nail polishes, then convinced myself I don't need any other... Then got home, searched for some swatches and the other day I was back at the drugstore, getting few more shades :D :D And a lipstick...
      I have to say that foundations are probably the only make up products, that I don't buy tons of :D Some time ago I've had more of them, but not all of them suited my skin and I found out I'm still using the same one or two on a daily basis, so I gave the others away... But now I'm really tempted to buy some more, I'd love to try Bourjois and Max Factor's CC creams (since I've heard they're fab!) and few days ago L'oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint found it's way to the czech market and now they have a discount on it... and it just seems like a great makeup for summer times.... So I'm not sure whether I can resist :D :D For the CCs I'll wait until I finish Catrice BBs, but the L'oreal is a teaser now :D And OMG! 35 tubes O_O that just killed me :D But you surely find them handy when it comes to cosplay and besides, you have a great overview, which is definitely important for your blog and readers :) So it's all allowed!! :D ;))

  4. Any news about future Essence discontinued products?

    1. We have not received the official info yet. I only have info about the new in town products :)


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