July 31, 2014

Two Ways To Wear Neon Confetti Nails

Confetti nails are always fun, am I right? A little confetti can spice up sweaty and boring summer days. Today I'm going to show you a simple confetti nail design and two ways to wear it.

Neon confetti is already dominant by itself, so I wated this mani to be as simple as possible. I went for a classic white colour as the base shade. If you do nail art, you better apply a nice top coat as well. I used the BTGN top coat by Essence. The gel-like top coat makes the mani look super glossy and covers the glitter pieces nicely, creating a smooth surface.

neon confetti nails

I used the following products:

OPI nail lacquer - Alpine Snow (2 coats)
nail art glitter (x)
Essence BTGN top coat (2 coats)

nail art glitter for fun nail designs can be found here

The second finish I decided to show you is the popular jelly finish top coat. You just simply apply a white jelly nail polish over the glitter. Not only will this soften the look of the confetti, but also transfers them from neon to pastel. We went from ultimate summer nails to ultimate spring nails just in 3 seconds.

Plenty of options to choose from: use a matte top coat, a sheer shimmery top coat, use nail stripers, anything that floats your boat.

neon confetti: clear top coat vs. jelly top coat

What do you think? Would you wear it? I actually was planning to remove it after photographing the mani (I have a lot of other manis to do for the blog), but I like it so much that I'm going to wear more.

My BPS coupon code is still valid, so if you decide to shop there, feel free to use the coupon AZB10. It gets you 10% off. It is not an affiliate link, I will not benefit from it. 

Check out their nail art section, it is pure eye candy. My wishlist is growing, no surprise here.

~ Ev

The confetti was sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Nagyon jól néz ki mindkettő :) Nekem nem lenne türelmem a glitterek-konfettik felrakosgatásához :D
    ami off: a Catrice BB-s alapozó teszt után megvettem a 020-asat nyárra, és imádom :) szóval köszönöm az ajánlást ^^

    1. 5 perc alatt megvoltam vele :D és örülök, hogy bevált a BB alapozó. :)

  2. I really like those neon glitters! But I prefer the jelly top coat version :)


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