July 8, 2014

Summer Haul - Rossmann & DM | June 2014

I have quite a lot of goodies to show you and the main reason is the following: Catrice made its way to my hometown as well, yay! :)

A legnagyobb meglepetésemre június elején a szülővároskám Rossmannjába is behozták a Catrice márkát, ez eredményezte a drogériás látogatásaim nagyját. Lássuk közelről is, hogy miket sikerült beszerezni.

Before that, I had to travel to different cities to buy Catrice stuff. Now I am able to buy from the brand anytime, I cannot even believe it. Catrice replaced Max Factor in my local Rossmann. I'm not gonna miss MF, it is way too expensive for the quality. Since the people that are regular visitors of my local Rossmann are students, Catrice was a wiser brand choice since it is more affordable than Max Factor and the quality of Catrice products is overall better.

Moving on to the actual products: I picked up a backup of the Isana Intensiv lipbalm because it's amazing. It is the best lipbalm for the price (~1$). I needed a new dry shampoo as well, so I picked up something that I haven't tried before: the Balea Trend It Up dry shampoo. Judging by the first few uses, it is the exact same thing as the regular Balea dry shampoo in the blue can. It smells the same, chokes you the same and works the same. The price of this one is higher, must be the green packaging.

Lovely Cosmetics Rio Sand nail polishes - Nr 2., Nr. 1.

At the beginning of June, I noticed that Lovely Cosmetics has a new limited edition on the shelves. It is a Rio inspired collection and consists of nail polishes, eyeliners and mascaras. I picked up two sand nail polishes and a beautiful mint green liquid eyeliner, you'll see that later.

Boulevard de Beauté ice cream nail varnish - purple

Yet another nail polish (shit! there goes my nail polish diet). Isn't it familiar? If you know Korean cosmetics, you might recognize the packaging. Etude House has a nail polish line with similar ice cream bottles, and I thought "hah, dupe". You shall see it in a separate post soon.

Catrice Kohl Kajal pencil - 180 Too Cool for Pool; 170 Blues Willis

I've had my eyes on these eye pencils by Catrice since they came out and I finally decided to pick them up. I'm glad I did, the colours are beautiful! Notice the amazing shade names. Catrice is the ultimate winner as far as witty shade names go. The Too Cool for Pool shade name just screams Free! (swimming anime) for me. The Blues Willis shade is kinda self-explanatory.

Lovely Cosmetics Rio Pastel Green eyeliner

mint green liquid eyeliner - Lovely Cosmetics Rio LE

And here we go with the gorgeous mint green liquid eyeliner. You never see a mint green liquid eyeliner here, EVER. (If you're from the USA, you might be able to find some). I haven't even tried this baby on my eyes yet because I have nowhere to go. I only do my make-up when I'm going somewhere. I cannot wait to put this all over my face (yes, all.over.myface).

mint green liquid eyeliner - Lovely Cosmetics Rio LE

swatches: Lovely Pastel Green, Catrice Too Cool for Pool, Catrice Blues Willis

Manhattan Soft Rouge lipstick - Festival Hunter; Purple Rocker

I am probably one of the 12 people who have never had the chance to try the infamous Revlon lip butters or the Maybelline Color Whispers. The shipping would be very high because I live in Narnia. Anyway, I picked up two new Manhattan lipsticks that are kinda the same thing as the oh-so-popular balm-like lip products. I love any liptsick that comes in a slim shine packaging like this.

Catrice BB Allround Foundation - 010 Light Beige

As a major Korean BB cream fan, I've had the worst experience with drugstore BB creams. Let's just admit it: they are shit. On the other hand, Catrice face products are excellent, they make the best drugstore face products in my opinion, so I really wanted to try their BB foundation. As the name states, it is technically a foundation, the "BB" part is just a gimmick to sell it to more people. I bought it in June, and now they are gonna discontinue it. Typical. Now I have to hurry with my review, not to mention the difference between the full price I paid and the discounted price.

Catrice Re-touch Light-reflecting Concealer - 001 Porcelain

Yet another product I bought in June for full price, and now they are half the price because of the discontinuing spree. I needed an under-eye concealer and a bronzer by Catrice for a future project.

Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder - 020 Deep Bronze

As I said above, I needed a bronzer by Catrice as well, so I picked up the darker shade of their matt bronzer. I am a rather pale girl, and it states that this shade is for darker skin. Now let me just clear things up: bitches ain't sayin' me nothin. I'm fair, but I will use a dark bronzer if I want. Light bronzers look orange on me. Also, can we appreciate the lovely packaging and engraving that this product has?

That's it for now. I'll have a lot of hauls coming up in the future, I just need to post my Catrice reviews first. At this point, I have about 100 posts that need to go up on my blog as soon as possible. This fact is quite triggering for me, but I'll try my best.

Do you own any of these products? What is currently on your wishlist? Let me know!

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. A Re-touch korrektort én is megvettem, már régóta szerettem volna megvenni :) A Manhattan rúzsokról majd írsz ? :)

  2. Húú, én is megvettem a 2 Lovely Rio Sand homoklakkot :) A Manhattan rúzsok pedig piszkálják a fantáziámat, de nem jártam DM-ben mostanában ^^

    1. Én is meglepődtem a rúzsokon, amikor felfedeztem őket. ^^


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