July 29, 2014

New Essence Products 2014 Fall / Winter - PART 1: Eyes, Face, Lips

"As of August, the fall/winter season is about to become even more attractive 
with lots of must-have products that are joining the essence range. Cool 
looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed!
A metallic finish for your eyes, innovative mascaras, long-lasting and
effective lip styles, multi-functional and pampering foundations with airy,
light formulas and a subtle glow as well as the latest IT nail polishes - the
unique products by essence never fail to surprise and skillfully emphasize
your eyes, lips, face and nails."

essence metal glam eyeshadow
Glamorous metal! The trend continues: metallic and strong 
shimmer effects on your eyes are still the ultimate trend. The 
especially soft texture with high coverage and metallic results 
creates expressive eye make-up guaranteed to be eye-catching! 
As of August, the range of colors is being extended to include 
radiant orchid and a rich chocolate brown to warm the hearts of 
all beauties! Available in two new and a total of 19 colors. 

essence 3D eyeshadow - Relaunch 
New talents! Now with an improved texture: even softer and 
easier to blend, the special relief structure offers an ultimate 3D 
look and creates a cool finish with a 3D effect – from satin to 
metallic to shimmering - upon application. With new color-duos 
like gold-emerald, champagne-grey or ice blue-dark blue, the 
excellent color-dispersion and high coverage leave nothing to be 
desired. Applied moist, the 3D duo eyeshadow guarantees even 
more intense results. Available in a total of nine colors. 

essence mono eyeshadow
Solo star! With petrol, blue and dark purple, three new colors are 
joining the mono eyeshadows in August. They extend the huge 
choice of colors so that you can create endless trendy looks. 
Available in three new and a total of 19 colors. 

essence quattro eyeshadow
Beauty quartett… a new perfectly aligned color version is joining
the range: nude, copper, petrol and brown with effects ranging 
from a silky shimmer to matt conjure-up creative eye make-up 
styles. The intensive color-dispersion and long-lasting results 
make the quattro eyeshadow an absolute favorite! Available in 
one new and a total of six color combinations.

essence all about chocolates eyeshadow***
Sweets for my eyes! From caramel to mocha to chocolate: six 
trendy beige and brown tones are united in the new eyeshadow
palette to conjure-up either subtle or expressive eye make-up 
looks depending on your mood. The smooth texture of the 
eyeshadows contains shimmering, matt and metallic effects – for 
endless looks. Available in one new and a total of five color 

essence effect eyeshadow
Liquid effects! This fall season, you can conjure-up metallic, 
holographic or sparkling effects on your eyelids in liquid form. The 
long-lasting, non-sticky eyeshadows are available in six different 
colors with different effects: metallic bronze, shimmering beige, 
shiny rosé-gold, bright apricot, sparkling taupe and holographic 
green-gold. They are easy to apply and remove, offer great 
coverage and come in a silver-metallic tube. Available in a total of six colors.
essence kajal pencil

Colourful! As of August, you can create individual and trendy color 
highlights in cool grass-green around your eyes. The mine of the 
kajal is especially soft – which is ideal for the sensitive skin 
around your eyes – and is easy to blend. Available in one new and 
a total of eight colors.

essence effect eye pencil 
Magic effects! The eye pencil with a fashionable metal finish 
creates long-lasting results in gold, silver, green, turquoise, purple 
and dark grey. The highly-pigmented pencils are easy to apply 
and conjure-up sparkling eyeliner looks. Available in a total of six 

essence crystal eyeliner
Sparkling moments: now also with a holographic effect! The long-lasting, gel-based texture of the crystal eyeliner with a high pigmentation creates amazing and luxurious glittering eyeliner styles! Extra tip: if you’re going for glamorous wow-highlights, the eyeliner can be used as a topping on the tips of your lashes, too! The brush applicator guarantees an accurate application. Available in two new and a total of four colors.

essence liquid ink high shine & liquid ink matt eyeliner
Shine vs. matt! The classic eyeliner look is faced with some strong competition from two new black versions. The liquid ink high shine eyeliner creates a gorgeous line with a high-shine finish, while the liquid ink matt eyeliner offers a cool matt effect.

essence lash base mascara 

The first lash base mascara by essence! It lengthens and thickens your lashes as well as providing extra volume. Simply apply the white lash base mascara texture and immediately cover with a coat of your favorite mascara. Suitable for use with contact lenses.

essence lash princess mascara 

Royal! The new lash princess mascara with a specially-shaped cobra-head wand covers each individual lash to create dramatic volume and a gorgeous, sweeping look. For intensive fluttering lashes. Just as unique as any princess, the mascara is presented in a beautiful evening gown. Princess(ence)!

essence plump no clump mascara black & ultra black

The name says it all. The new plump no clump mascara is available in two versions –black und ultra black. The large elastomer brush with an integrated reservoir generates mega-volume without any clumping. Black and ultra black.essence 2in1 lash and brow comb NEWIn shape! Mascara clumping and chaotic eyebrows are now a thing of the past. The practical 2in1 lash and brow comb unites two useful beauty tools in just one product. Comes in a practical pouch so it’s also ideal for use when you’re on the go.

essence sharpener

Tip top! The new sharpener is available in five different colors and has two sides –for thin and jumbo pencils! This way, you can sharpen all your cosmetics pencils in a flash so that they are wonderfully pointy and ready for your next styling session!

essence effect lipgloss

Effective lips! As of August, the popular effect trend is also available for your lips. Whether flakes, metallic, holographic or ultimate shimmer pigments –these new lipglossesconjure-up an absolute wow-effect on your lips in eight hip colors.Apricot, pink and red combined with the most exciting effects guarantee that all eyes will be on your lips this fall/winter season. Available in a total of eight colors. 

essence XXXL shine lipgloss

Endless shine! The wonderfully shiny lipglossesare now available in the two trendy colors tomato red and peach. The particularly soft applicator pampers the lips, guarantees an accurate application and has a reservoir to guarantee that just the right amount of texture is distributed. For lips with a wonderfully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. Available in two new and a total of 14 colors. 

essence glossy lipbalm

Tasty: this fall/winter season, the new dessert type raspberry sorbet is joining the lipbalmrange. The light, pampering formula of the glossy lipbalmin a fresh pink gives your lips a gorgeous shine and has a delicious raspberry fragrance, too. Available in one new and a total of five colors.

essence longlastinglipstick (matt effect)

It’s a matt, matt world! The popular long-lasting lipsticks will be available in the three velvety-matt colors red, red-brown and nude from August onwards. Thanks to their light, creamy texture, these lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them. Available in a total of three colors.

essence longlastinglipstick

Good-looking lips! The long-lasting lipsticks are now available in new colors including pink, nude and black –as a bold trend color! They cover your lips with fresh color for several hours, and thanks to the light, creamy formula, the lipstick feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips without drying them out. Available in three new and a total of 13 colors.

essence lipliner

In line! The cool liplinersensure clear contours and beautiful, shapely lips –now with an improved super-soft formula to make application even easier. As of August, three new colors will be joining the range: in addition to orange and cherry red, there will also be a transparent contour pencil that is suitable for use with all lipstick colors. Available in three new and a total of nine colors.

essence soft touch mousse make-up
Soft skin… This make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion without blocking your pores. As of August, the make-up is available in a new shade that’s ideal for light to medium skin tones! Available in one new and a total of five shades.

essence stay all day 16h long-lasting make-up
It lasts and lasts… This long-lasting foundation ensures a smooth and silky complexion all day long –now in a new shade that’s ideal for light to medium skin tones. Its delicate texture allows a simple and even application. Thanks to the high-quality pump dispenser, it’s easy to find the perfect dosage for an incredibly beautiful look. Available in one new and a total of four shades.Dermatologically tested. 

essence stay all day 12h long-lasting powder 
Full-time job! The powder from the stay all day range will be joined by a new shade that’s ideal for light to medium skin tones! The velvety soft, fine powder texture gives your complexion a silky, smooth look and a professional finish all day long. The powder nuances match the popular stay all day 16h long-lasting make-ups and offer medium coverage. Available in one new and a total of four shades.

essence sun club shimmer bronzing powder
Summer tan… The bronzing powder from the essence sun club range is now coming to beauty shops in a new shade for lighter skin tones. It conjures-up a shimmering and lightly tanned finish on your face and neckline. Its silky-smooth texture with a 3D beach beauty embossment puts you in the mood for summer and sunshine with a complexion to match! Available in one new and a total of four versions –for lighter and darker skin types

essence sooglow! cream to powder highlighter
Glamour glow! The new highlighter gives your complexion a beautiful shimmer. Its creamy texture turns into a velvety, powdery formula upon application. Easy to apply with your fingers, it sets gorgeous accents on your cheekbones, underneath the brows or in the inner corners of your eyes. The highlighter is available in two colors –one light rosé and a pretty champagne tone –so it’s ideal for every complexion. essence sooblush! 

cream to powder blush
Fresh it up: the new blush gives your complexion a touch of color for a healthy, fresh look. The creamy texture with a powdery finish practically melts with your skin and is easy to apply and blend with your fingers. Warm pink and fresh apricot are sure to fulfill all wishes. Available in a total of two colors.

essence silky touch blush

Satin skin! A fresh complexion is essential for perfect style. You can conjure-up beautiful highlights on your cheeks in berry-plum and autumn peach with the two new shades of the silky-soft blush. Available in a total of six shades.

essence say NO to redness/imperfections/dark circles –colour correcting concealer
Say YES –to a flawless complexion! The three new “say NO to…” mini pencils are the perfect solution for any skin problem. The green “say NO to redness” pencil neutralizes redness. “Say NO to dark circles” in rosé covers dark circles under your eyes and the beige pencil “say NO to imperfections” reliably conceals impurities. The soft, powdery texture optimally aligns with every skin type and is easy to blend. Thanks to the retractable mine and the compact size, these pens are ideal beauty tools –even when you’re on the go. Available in a total of three versions.

What do you think? I love the black lipstick and the transparent lipliner. (and a ton of other products tbh)

Part 2 coming soon!

Essence Products to be discontinued - 2014 August / Megszűnő termékek itt

~ Evinde


  1. O-M-G can't wait to see this in my store!!!!! the chocolate palette, the mascaras and the lipglosses look amazing!

    1. Haha I agree! My wallet will cry.

  2. after a while i can say the Lash Princess mascara is awesome! It could be more black but the effect is awesome if it's well used!

    1. I'm not digging it, the brush doesn't coat the lashes evenly and it's slightly overhyped because of the cute packaging. The new Lash Princess comes with a better brush though, I can't wait to try that one.

    2. i love to use a little piece of cardboard when i apply this kind of mascaras so i can load it on the lashes without putting it on my eyelids.


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