July 29, 2014

New Essence Products 2014 Fall / Winter - PART 2: Nails + Tools

essence colour & go nail polish

Colour update! From pastel yellow to bright orange and red as well as soft rose and lilac –in August, 15 new and trendy shades are joining the colour & go range. In addition to a cool suede finish in denim blue and a matt-effect in pink, there is also a white nail polish with fantastic coverage that can be used as a nail polish or as a colour-intense base coat. The brilliant gel-shine finish with a highly intensive shine has an extremely short drying time to guarantee perfectly polished nails in a flash! Available in 15 new and a total of total of 50 trendy shades. 

essence effect nail polish 

New effects! Electric feathers, twinkling bling bling, galaxy flakes, holographicsand party jewels –new effects in trendy it-colourslike red, purple-pink, emerald or gold will make the hearts of all true nail fashionistasbeat a little faster in August. The nail polishes are easy to apply, have a high coverage and create 3D wow-manicures. Available in eleven new and a total of 22 colourswith six different effects.

essence nail art hello foils! transfer solution & transfer foils
Fabulous foils! These nail foils bring cool graffiti styles straight to your nails in the most fashionable effects –holographic, metallic and glittering. And here’s how it works: apply the transfer solution on your nails and wait for 80-90 seconds. Separate a piece of the foil and press it onto your nail with the shiny side up. Remove the foil again and seal with a top coat –and you’re done! Repeat this step for each nail. Totally creative and unique! Transfer foils are available in a total of three versions.

essence nail art 3in1 magic magnets
Magic Nails… extremely versatile and now in a new 3in1 version! You can create three different designs on your nails with just one magnet. Here’s how it works: select one of the three designs and bring the spacer into the desired position. Hold the magnet above the still moist nail art magnetics nail polish for 15 seconds and your chosen nail design is done: cute hearts, cool waves and crazy circles, funky checks and zigzag designs. Available in a total of two versions.

essence nail art thermo nail polish**
Weather expert! The thermo nail polish is brand new in the essence nail cosmos. This nail polish reacts to outside temperature changes and changes color accordingly: purple-pink turns into light pink, dark red into light red, dark mint green to light mint green and beige to light apricot. And the color-change works the other way around, too. Cool nail polishes with a guaranteed wow-effect! Available in a total of four colors.

essence nail art sparkle sand topcoat
Super sand style! This top coat with an innovative sand effect is a true must-have. Apply your favorite nail polish, leave to dry and then apply the sand top coat on top to give any color a fantastic, slightly matt 3D structure with subtle shimmer particles.

essence nail art shake me! I’m pretty top coat ** 
Shake it! The name of this top coat says it all. Simply shake the bottle of shake me! i’mpretty top coat to mix the cool holographic glitter particles with the texture. Apply the top coat over any nail polish for an extra portion of bling.

essence nail art stickers 

Stick on… As of August, the popular nail stickers with a variety of designs are being enhanced with trendy effects! Bling bling, holographic stripes, neon, glow in the dark stickers or ones that change color depending on the temperature –all wishes are sure to be fulfilled and you can design your nails to suit your mood. Available in five new and a total of nine versions.

essence effect nails
New effects! With the effect nails, you can conjure-up exciting three-dimensional textures on your nails. From August onwards, glitter in neon colors and unique pearls that glow in the dark guarantee ultimate eye-catching nail styles! The small tubs with a practical sieve make application really simple. Sprinkle the effect nails on still moist nail polish and that’s it –get ready to admire a totally individual nail design with a 3D look! A small tip: it’s best to pour the effects into the lid and then press your nail into them. Available in two new and a total of eight different textures and colors.

essence GLOW in the night click&go nails
Popular, totally sought-after and now with an absolute wow-factor: the click & go nails with a French manicure look are now available in a glow in the dark version. Twelve self-adhesive artificial nails give your nails a professional French look as if you've just stepped out of a nail salon, and they glow in the dark, too! Simply select the desired size, stick onto your nail and press down hard. That's it! Now your nails are ready and look gorgeous –for up to three days!

essence gel-look plumping top coat
Gel-like… nails with a high-shine gel finish are still as popular as ever. The new texture of this top coat visibly smoothens ridges, gives your nails an extreme shine and makes them more resistant. For a professional gel-effect!

essence studio nails all in one complete care
Multitalented! The new all in one complete care is a true all-rounder. As a base coat, it prepares your nails for a color manicure and fills small ridges. The special formula with grape seed oil can also be used as a top coat with a high-shine finish to guarantee long-lasting color.

essence studio nails jelly pearls hydrating gel
Vitamin for your nails… the moisturizing care gel with a fruity scent repairs stressed nails. Massage the moisturizing nail care gel with pro-vitamin B5 to release the almond oil encapsulated in the pearls. This awesome care gel absorbs really fast and won’t leave behind an oily film on your nails.

essence creative tip guides
Tip top! As of August, you can decorate your fingertips with a variety of designs. In addition to the popular French manicure templates, essence now also offers new tip guides with heart and angel wing designs as well as a version for moon manicures. They are super-easy to apply and inspire lots of creative nail styles.

essence studio nails nail & cuticle brush**
Perfect nails… the nail and cuticle brush has an ideal ergonomic shape for cleansing, peeling and massaging your nails and cuticles. For super clean nails and soft cuticles, simply moisten the brush and use it to gently massage a mild soap into your cuticles. A truly pampering experience!

essence gel nails at home cleansing sponge
Tool time… the cleansing sponge is a real alternative to conventional cotton pads! Its soft synthetic material is ideal for cleansing your nails with the 2in1 primer & cleanser and for removing gel residues later. No more annoying cotton fibers on your fresh gel manicure! Perfect! The cleansing sponge can be washed and reused.

essence gel nails at home 2in1 primer & cleanser 
Prime & clean! Two indispensable helpers are united in this practical duoproduct. Before your gel manicure, apply the 2in1 primer &cleanser with the cleansing sponge to optimally prepare yournails for a long-lasting manicure and protect them from nail dust,oil and grease. After curing, the 2in1 primer & cleanser can alsobe used to remove gel residues from your nails. Super practical and totally easy.

essence gel nails at home 2in1 french peel off gel base & top coat
French gel nails in ONE step! The absolute highlight. A frenchgel manicure has neverbeen this quick and easy. Simply apply a thick, even layer of the2in1 frenchpeel off gel base & top coat on your entire nail andcure for 10 seconds under the mini LED lamp. Repeat this stepfor each nail. Next, remove any gel residues from your nails witha cotton pad soaked in the 2in1 primer & cleanser –and your gelnails in a gorgeous rosé nude are done!

essence gel nails at home 2in1 clear peel off gel base & top coat
2in1... as of August, the clear peel off gel base and the top coat are available in just oneproduct! First, apply a thick and smooth layer of the 2in1 clearpeel off gel base & top coat on your entire nail and cure for 10seconds under the mini LED lamp. Repeat this step for eachnail. Next, remove any gel residues from your nails witha cotton pad soaked in the 2in1 primer & cleanser. Paint yournails with your favorite essence colour & go nail polish and leaveto dry completely (not under the lamp) before continuing withthe next step. Then apply another layer of the 2in1 clear peel offgel base & top coat on top of the colour & go nail polish and cureeach nail for 10 seconds under the mini LED lamp, one after theother. Now its time to remove any gel residues from your nailsagain using a cotton pad soaked in the 2in1 primer & cleanser –your professional gel nails colour look is done!

essence gel nails at home frenchmanicure tip stickers

Stick it on! With the new frenchmanicure tip stickers, you can turn any nail look into a cool French style in a flash! Give your nails trendy tips in either white or metallic silver –they can easily be peeled off again after use. One set contains 40 tips and a mini nail file. Available in natural white and metallic silver***.

essence minis2go travel kit**
Vacation time is the time to travel… and with the new minis2go travel kit, travelling is so much more fun! From now on, you can fill all of your favorite liquid beauty products into the three empty 30 ml bottles to transport them safely. No matter whether you’re travelling by plane, train or car –the practical little travel kit is sure to fit into any purse. 

essence minis2go travel pouch**

Around the world! No more boring, colorless plastic bags in your hand luggage! The new minis2go travel pouch is the ideal travel companion for all the little cosmetics products that simply have to come along when you’re on the go. Transparent and waterproof, this pouch has a cute design so it’s not just a highlight in your hand luggage, but makes it easy to keep all your products close at hand in your purse, too!

*recommended retail price 
**exclusively available at Müller 
***Color extension exclusively available at Müller

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  1. Hmm... Annyira nem vagyok oda az Essence lakkokért, mégis mindig kerül a kosaramba pár darab :D Az effect lakkokból csak a legutolsó tetszik, de a Colour & go kollekcióból elfogadnék párat majd :) Na jó, még a thermo effect lakkok és a sand fedőlakk is eléggé érdekel :D

  2. Na jó, ez viszont meg fogja nyirbálni a pénztárcám :D Elvesztem a lakkokban!


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