January 31, 2015

Rosy Eyes And Dark Lips | New Alverde And Rival de Loop Products

I wanted to show you a handful of products that are considerably new in my collection, including Alverde and Rival de Loop Young goodies. You'll find the photos of the look after the jump!

January 29, 2015

Autumn Leaf Nail Decoration | Cute Nail Art Ideas For Fall

The Southern Hemisphere will head into Autumn soon, so why not make a cute Autumn leaves inspired manicure? Fall is my favourite season, so I'll grab every opportunity to write Autumn-themed posts.

January 28, 2015

Essence All About Nude, Candies And Sunrise Palettes | Review + Swatches

The Essence All About eyeshadow palettes came out a year ago, and I was very excited to buy them. I managed to purchase 3 of them, so I'm here with a lot of pictures, swatches and reviews.

January 27, 2015

Makeup For Light Eyes | Catrice Absolute Matt Palette And Ultimate Stay Lipsticks

makeup for light eyes

Peach and copper shades aren't the only ones to enhance blue eyes, and purple tones aren't the only ones to make green eyes pop either. Today's look is suitable both for blue, green and grey eyes, and the colours I used aren't crazy either. 

A mai sminket eredetileg nem a világos szem kiemelésére szántam, de sikerült olyan színekkel dolgozni, amik ezt a feladatot látják el. Nem csak barack és rozsda színű árnyalatokkal emelhetjük ki a kék szemet, és a zöldet sem csak lilával. A színkerék sem a világ közepe. A szemhéjpúderek, amiket használtam, szolidan emelik ki a világos szemszínt, így iskolába vagy munkába is bátran felkenhetőek. 

January 26, 2015

OPI Scores A Goal! | Review + Swatches

opi scores a goal swatch

I'm here with another Autumn -Winter shade from a Spring-Summer collection, this time it's a beautiful mauve / berry shade. Can't stop, won't stop... talking about my OPI polishes, so let's see why I love this one:

Egy újabb csodás őszi-téli bogyó árnyalatot mutatok ma Nektek, amit itt-ott még biztosan meg fogtok találni az üzletekben. Nem tudok és nem is akarok nem beszélni a létező összes OPI lakkomról, mert annyira nagy rajongójuk lettem. Lássuk, hogy ezt a lakkot miért szeretem.

January 22, 2015

Catrice Photo Finish Foundation | Review, Before + After, Swatches

catrice photo finish foundation

Today's test subject is the Catrice Photo Finish foundation. It is going to be discontinued soon, so this is my last chance to post the review. Let's see how it works:

Catrice Illuminating Blush | Review + Swatch

catrice illuminating blush review

Catrice added a new blush line to its range a couple of months ago. Their defining blushes are very good, so I was excited to see the new blush family, not to mention the beauty of their adorable 3D design.

January 20, 2015

Collective Haul: Essence and Catrice Sale + Other Stuff | September 2014

I will show you and older collective haul today, I bought the products during July, August and September. Most of the makeup here was part of the Essence & Catrice clearance sale back in August. (Believe it or not, I still have an older haul to post, it's almost a year old.) Expect a lot of photos!

January 17, 2015

Essence Effect Eyeshadow Cream | Review + Swatches

The Essence Effect cream eyeshadows have been available since last summer, and they will be discontinued this month. I photographed them in July, so I thought I might as well write the review now, before they are gone.

January 15, 2015

Catrice Nude Purism Trend Edition | Preview + Video

Ease. Elegance. Freshness. In spring 2015, designers are loving the interaction of transparent fabrics and beautiful, flowing cuts. Soft nude tones, off white, sand and pink go hand in hand. The new wardrobe embraces elegant, all-over nude as a trendy understatement. New interpretations of 90’s fashion are convincing with their pure minimalism. The Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by CATRICE picks up on the trend with a perfectly aligned “no make-up” or “nude” look; a feminine and extremely natural-looking make-up style that dominated all the big fashion shows this season. From the end of February until the end of March 2015, this edition offers long-lasting quattro eyeshadows, lipsticks with a glossy finish as well as nail polishes in taupe, coffee, rosé and a cool light blue. The absolute eye-catcher of the collection is the highlighter with a 3D relief structure for subtle light reflections on your face and neckline. Nude sets the tone – by CATRICE.

January 7, 2015

The Best Baked Eyeshadows | Modelite Duo Bombe Baked Eyeshadows | Review + Swatches

I am here with an exciting review today, because I am going to show you the best baked eyeshadows you can buy. The pigmentation is out of this world! I've been a huge fan of these since 2013. Lots of photos after the jump!

Ma a kedvenc, még 2013-ban felfedezett szemhéjpúdereimről írok. A cím nem véletlen, mert ezek a legjobb, még most is kapható kisütött szemhéjpúderek, amiket valaha is próbáltam. Eszméletlen a pigmentációjuk, gyönyörű élénkek a színek, és mindezt filléres árért kaphatjuk meg. Lássuk hát őket; sok-sok kép következik.

January 6, 2015

Sephora Haul | Urban Decay And Too Faced

As a Hungarian makeup lover, it is very satisfying to put my hands on makeup products from Sephora. Obviously, we can't buy any of those brands here, unless we order from ebay - which is not gonna happen due to the ridiculous shipping prices. Let's see the goodies!

January 4, 2015

Catrice Blogger Event - 2 Meter Display | Photo Diary, October 2014

Októberben hazánkba is bekerültek a 2 méteres Catrice állványok, sokan már biztosan vásároltatok is róluk. Ezt egy bloggertalálkozó keretében ünnepeltük meg, amire én is hivatalos voltam. Ma erről az eseményről hoztam sok-sok képet.

You probably know that Catrice has 2 meter displays now. These displays have been available in Hungary since October, and we (bloggers) celebrated it with a blogger event and a mini fashion show at the beginning of October. Lots of photos after the jump!

January 2, 2015

Catrice Viennart Limited Collection | Haul, Review & Eye Look

The Viennart limited edition has been available for 3 weeks here in Hungary. I checked and swatched the products in store, and eventually bought 4 items. This LE is so much more gorgeous in real life, when you actually swatch them. The promo photos didn't do it justice. I will show you an eye look, a lip look and, of course, I will review the products.

January 1, 2015

Haul: November + December 2014 | Catrice, Essence, RDL, H&M

Happy New Year! As you guessed, I am going to show you a haul today. I bought a couple of things in November and December.

Catrice Rock-o-co Trend Edition | Preview + Video

Time travel. Pioneering, but not futuristic. This season, the designers are looking back on the 18th century as a source of inspiration to develop new versions of fashion. An extremely detailed couture full of Rococo references such as precious brocade, playful frills and flounces, elegant satin ribbons and opulent bows. Implemented in an ultra-feminine way, yet with an inescapable strength resulting from the heavier, defined cuts of the fabrics. The Limited Edition “Rock-o-co” by CATRICE is also inspired by influences from the era of Marie Antoinette and incorporates them in a powdery beauty collection. From the beginning of February until mid March 2015, the limited products are available in spring colours such as pastel pink, light blue, vanilla, deep pink and apricot, as well as grey-black and blue-grey for a more modern contrast. The highlight is the opulent Rococo décor, which is embossed on the soft Powder Blush as well as the pearly Trio Powder Eyeshadows. The ornament appears on all other products as a printed pattern in a perfectly aligned colour. Discover the beauty défilé – by CATRICE.

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