November 1, 2014

Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish | Dark Emerald Green

Out of all the nail polish finishes and textures out there, holographics are my favourites aside from microflakies. The problem is that even though I love holo polishes, I only own one besides today's nail polish. Since it is fall, and winter is approaching, a dark green holographic nail shade is really fun to try at this time of the year (however, holo shades show their true beauty in direct sunlight). Holos are really hard to photograph, so I'll show you a hell of a lot of pictures, and hopefully you will see how beautiful this shade is.

Born Pretty Holo nail polish - Nr. 12 (dark emerald green)

blurry, so you can see the holo effect (outside, overcast, flash)

Born Pretty holo nail polish #12
2 coats, outside, overcast, wih flash

It is opaque in 2 coats. It was easy to apply, it dried quite fast, and the layers did not tug on themselves. It has a linear type of holographic effect to it that is similar to the backside of a CD. I prefer this kind of holo to the holographic shimmer kind, because this one is more dominant.

indoors, artificial light, flash

My only problem is that most of my photos were taken in cloudy weather. Holos show their true effect in sunny weather, so I had to use flash photography. You can find the nail polish on the BPS webshop, and please check out the beautiful swatches on the website, other people were more successful taking photos of it.

indoors, artificial light, flash

outdoors, sunlight

Today I managed to take photos of the shade in direct sunlight, you can see them above. Again, I used 2 coats of nail polish.

Overall, I am really impressed with this little gem: tiny, cute and stunning. It is a lot more holographic than my Catrice Dirty Berry, and I love that, The stronger the holo effect, the more I like it. It is an ideal Christmas shade as well, in my opinion.

Do you like holographic nail polishes? I really want to try Colorclub and Nfu-Oh shades, I've heard those are great as well.

My 10% off coupon code is still valid, so when you order from BPS, type in the code AZB10 for the discount. Don't forget that I don't make money from that, it's not an affiliate code. You just simply get 10% off, simple as that.

~ Evinde

FTC: The product was sent to me for review purposes. 


  1. Nagyon jó színe van ennek a lakknak és jól is áll neked! Szoktam nézegetni a BPS lakkjait, de még sosem jutottam el odáig, hogy rendeljek is :D

    1. Köszönöm! :) Szerintem érdemes várni, amíg akciósak lesznek, úgy 4-5 dollár körül már le lehet rájuk csapni. Most valami 12 dollár, kicsit sokkolt. :D

  2. Na ez a szín kifejezetten tetszik :)

  3. 12 dolcsi azért nem semmi...én most vettem meg az A-England St. George lakkot, ami kb hasonló

    1. 12$-t nem adnék érte :'l Nagyon kis pici az üvege ennyiért.


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